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mudhalvanai pAdiya mudhalazhwArgal-I

From: v.madhavakkannan (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 20:12:21 PDT

Respected sri vaishNavALs,
SrimAn vEnkata nAthArya kavitArkika kEsari /
vEdAntAchArya varyOmE sannidatthAm sadAhridi //

poigaimuni bhoothathAr pEyAzhwAr thaN porunalvarunkurukEsan vittuchitthan/
tuyya kulasEkaran naM pANanAthan thondaradippodi mazhisaivandhajothi/
vaiyamellAm maraiviLanga vALvElEndhum mangaiyarkOnenRivargaL
seyyatamizh mAlaigaL nAm theLiyavOdhith theLiyAdha maRainilaNgaL
theliginRomE/ (from AdhikAra sangragam by Srimad vEdAntha Desikan)

Azwars, as you may already be aware, had written much more than what was
retrieved (4000 pAsurams) by the Great Nathamuni due to his penance(will
see in later postings). AzhwArs sang these poems(pasurams) in Tamil
pregnant with Bhakti and surrendered to Sriman nArAyaNA and one can only
make futile attempt to perceive the depth of their affection, love and
longing for merging with the Lord and for performing kainkaryam perennially
to Divya Dampathis. By getting to know their lives, creations of heartfelt
pAsurams, we will definitely get benefitted to obtain their blessings! (in
spite of my writing them; Rose by any name will smell as sweet). Any
mistake/omissions are only due to my lack of exposure to azhwArs'
excellent, invaluable contributions and readers may please forgive me. My
attempt is only to let someone be exposed to what little I have been
exposed to; This should, by His blessings, lead us to read and recite the
pasurams more devotedly and aggressively. 

poigaiAzhwAr, bhoodhatthAzhwAr and pEyAzhwAr are the three mudal (first)
azhwArs who were not only contemporary azhwArs; but were born on three
consecutive days in SiddhArti year, Aiyppasi month on TiruvONam, Avittam
and sadhayam nakshathrams respectively ;and the babies appeared on flowers
of different kind (and not were born actually!). Their period was
estimated as 7th century A.D. (Though we are not attaching any significant
importance to it, it is better to have a datum). poigaiAzhwAr, was born
(made to appear by the Lord) in kancheepuram, while bhoodaththAr in
mahabalipuram and pEyAzhwAr in thirumylai (present Mylapore).  

1. poigaiAr, an incarnation of MahAvishNu's panchjanyam (Divine conch,
sanghu in Tamil) is also called Adhi kavi. poigaiAr appeared on the
ThAmarai mottu (lotus bud) in a pond in tiruve:ka near kancheepuram.

2. bhoodhaththAr appeared in a flower called "kurukkaththi"(?) in a garden
at kadalmallai port of pallava rajyam (kingdom) in mahAbalipuram (south of
madras). He was an incarnation of Divine mace (called kaumOdaki) of our
Lord mahAvishNu. 

3. pEyazhwAr, (called pEyar later by people due to being carzy, mad,
piththan, pEyar after the Lord and even used to roll down with ecstasy od
bhakti- He even says" others look crazy to him for their being crazy after
material pursuits; and sensual pleasures), as an incarnation of the sword
of mahAvishNu (called nandaki), appeared in sevvalli (Red alli-lily) flower
in a well of AdhikEsava perumAL koil at mylapore (in madras).
(now, some of us may not be able to digest fully these births (or
appearances) on flowers due to the Lord's grace; However, it may please be
noticed that whatever you and I can understand and perceive is all
transient and not permanent; The very fact that these creations of our Lord
in such unique fashion and in such incarnations only goes to prove His
ineffable qualities and attributes; They are BEYOND one's comprehension. Do
not do research on why the sweet tasty mango is of this shape, this colour,
and this contour, etc., Let us not waste time anymore and let us go right
ahead and taste it for we are blessed with an accessibility to reach the

nammazhwAr, (our azhwAr), the greatest azwAr about whom we will see later, 
has addressed these three azhwArs as "innkavi pAdum parama kavigaL" meaning
the greatest poets who sang the loveliest songs or the sweetest songs; 
All three azhwArs were blessed with tamizh gnAnam(knowledge) and bhakti
uLLam; All of them, though were not known to each other, were singing the
glories of sriman nArAyaNan, and were going from place to place visiting
the PerumAL temples to get blessed with Lord's Darshan. They had no other
thoughts but for nArAyanan and lived like sanyAsis (recluses); The Lord,
may be, wanted them to get together (like what He has done now through
maNi) and liked to listen to their discussion about Him and His kalyANa

Hence, He brought them to Thirukkovilur separately (at the same time)   
and what happened there; how they met and recognised each other's bhakti;
what all they talked. How ecstatic each one became, what were their

.... same time, same place, tomorrow...

azhwAr thiruvadigalE saraNam
madhava dAsan