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Re: Tamerind : sAthvikam ?

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 21:48:42 PDT

> Tamarind is not expressly spelled out 
> in the context of the enormous spelling out
> of other foods to be avoided .
> In moderation . Tamaringd is good for digestion ,
> taste and has oxalic acid . My gandfather's brother
> got a hole in his alimentary canal however from
> excessive use of Tamarind in his preparations . 
> Lemon and lime are good substitutes for PuLi ,
> but PuLI need not be avoided as long as it is used
> in moderation .

Isn't pulihaara (Telugu, I'm not sure exactly what you call it in Tamil)
which normally contains tamarind a common preparation that is offered to
the Lord in most South Indian Vaishnava temples? I'd imagine it must be
saattvik if it was good enough to offer to Lord Naaraayana.

namo naaraayana