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Re: Sri AparyApthAmr*utha DhAyana sOpAnam of Sri Thirukkudanthai Desikan

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 07:58:18 PDT

Dear bAgwathAs,

	I am extremely happy to read Sri V.Sadgopan's posting on thiruk
kudanthai desikan and lord amuthan. I look forward to the other
postings on this thread.  It is infact a bAghyam for this layman in
myself that I am able to read Sri V. Sadagopan's insights from this
commentary. I simply wish to thank him in advance for this and would
like to add some more information.

On Oct 19,  9:59pm, V. Sadagopan wrote:
> Subject: Sri AparyApthAmr*utha DhAyana sOpAnam of Sri Thirukkudanthai Desi

> Many miracles have happened at this divya desam
> of Thirukkudanthai . One of them is the birth of
> Swami Desikan as Sri Gopala Desikan
> to become the Thiruvadi of Sri SaakshAth Swami
> ( achArya RaamAnujA's aparAvatharam ) .

Many miracles are also happening even to day and only
a few are observed and passed on to the outside world

> Those who visit Sri AarAvamudhan's temple at
> Thirukkudanthai can be blessed to have the sEvA-
> bhaghyam of the archA vigraham of Thirukkudanthai
> Desikan at the Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevan Sannidhi
> at VarAhapura Street of KumbakOnam . Just as Swami
> Desikan"s archA vigraham created by him sits in front
> of the YogasikhA Hayagreevan at Thiruvaheendrapuram ,
> Thirukkudanathai Desikan sits in front of Sri Lakshmi
> Hayagreevan at AarAvamudhan"s KshEthram .

	This LaKshmi hayagreevar vigraham worshipped by Sri thiruk kudanthai
desikan and also the only one existing Swami thiru kudanthai
dEsikan's thiru mangaLa vigragharaham are the family property of my
uncle Sri L.Rajagopalan and his brother Sri L. Jagannathan, both of
whom hail from the same family branches of thirukudanthai desikan as
well and live in Sri varaha kula sannithi theru in kumbakonam.  This
book was presented to my father by Sri thiruk kudanathai Andavan of
periyasramam. Sri Rajagopalan is my father's own sisters husband. He is
a retired principal of Govt Arts college and a great aravamuda bhakthAL
and chairs several committee in temple administration even today.   He
replaced all the jewelleries of arvamudhan with silver and gold plated
jewels using a collection from immediate family members for about one
Lakh. I had the bAgyam of joining this kaimkaryam to provide the
kavacham for Sri AdisEshan. My uncle could not tolerate the emptiness
at the sannithi after, all the jewelleries were stolen and perumAL was
left with very minimum to wear on. He quickly acted to provide these
temporary jewelleries within 2 or 3 months. My uncle Sri Rajagoplan is
a sishyAL of poundrika puram asramam and he is also the nephew (jeer's
own sister's son) of 43 rd jeer of Ahobila muth known as Sri
devNarvilAham jeer in HIS poorvasramam.

	My uncle and his brother have recently presented (please
forgive me if this is an incorrect word) this most beautiful maNgaLa
vigraham of Sri Lakshmi hayagreevar to Srimad Poundrika puram ashramam
4 years ago. As similar to how Sri Ramar of thiruk kaNNa puram moved to
Sri vaduvoor and ever since was known as Sri Vaduvoor Ramar, this
maNgaLa vihgraham is now known as Sri Pondrika puram andavan asramam
archA vigraham.  Sri Murali has explained about the beautiful features
of this vigraham in his excellent post on Lord Sri Haygreeva and his
ashramam (of courese I didnot tell Sri Murali about this history then.
I have told Sri Anbil Ramaswamy about this some time ago and he was
overwhelmed to learn about the connections) and Sri Vijayaragavan
wanted to go and have darshan of this vigraham in Srirangam when he
visits next time.  This is the same vigraham Sri V. Sadagopan has
mentioned above.  It is also interesting that Sri V. Sadagopan
inititated a holy mantra of this lord for adiyEn and asked me to look
at the the photo of this Lord as the matra was initiated to me two
years ago. Currently this mangaLa vigraharm is the archA vigraham of
Srimad poundrika puram andavan ashramam.

	My athimber Sri Rajagopalan mentioned to me about this book
when I was recently in india and asked me to read it. Sri Thiruk kudanthai
dEsikan's picture was
released for the first time by my father Sri R. Sampath to Sri Nrsimhap
priya and Sri Ranganatha padhuka and Srimad Poundrika puram andavan
ashramam two years ago the same time. There is udayavar sannithi near
amuthan sannithi in periya thru. The desikan urasavams are all
connected to this sannithi as well.  Thiruk kudanthai desikan is the
main acahAryAL from whom both Srimad ponudrika puram ashramam and Sri
periyasramam branched off. Sri Anbil Ramaswamy is writing an
resourceful artcile on achArya vamsa vriksham in "saranAgathi" journal
and that may cover these in detail.

Sri thiruk kudanthai desikan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri kOmaLa vallith thAyAr samEtha drAvida Sruthi darsanaka Sri Aravamudan
thirvadikaLE saranam

Sampath Rengarajan