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puzhudhi aLain^dha pon mEni...

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Sun Oct 19 1997 - 15:22:33 PDT

Dear Sri Madhavakannan,
	Your mail on the sweetness of the name 'kaNNan' was excellent. I
thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Especially the following lines were very moving:

"kaNNA-kaNNA";-calls yasOdhA. How much you must have enjoyed calling this
chubby boy of 2 year old dark, beauty running with a golusu in his ankles;
adorned with a peacock feather on his head, in the midst of curly, curly
hair laden with dust (due to playing on the streets throughout the day) 
and  ..."

On reading this I immediately thought of the neerAttam pAsuram which describes
kaNNan's thirumEni, (puzhudhi aLaindha pon mEni!). Thought of sharing this
with everybody...

pooNiththozhuvinilpukkup puzhudhiyaLaindhaponmEni
kaaNapperidhum_ukappan aakilumkaNdaar_pazhippar
naaNeththanaiyumilaadhaay! nappinnaikaaNilsirikkum
maaNikkamE! enmaNiyE! manchanamaadan^eevaaraay.           9.

yasOdha calls kaNNan to take bath through these 10 pAsurams. she says,
"I would very much like to see your beautiful body covered with dust 
from playing in the cow shed. But don't you realise that others would 
curse me for raising you this way? Don't you atleast realise that your 
friend n^appinnai would laugh at you? Oh! my dearest kaNNA, come over 
to take bath..."

Isn't this sweet? yasOdhA tries different explanations to get kutti kaNNan
in. she finally realizes that any kid would feel ashamed if his girl friend laughs at him. And the kid would immediately get inside to get  dressed up 
properly.  This technique worked! This happens to be the last attempt by 
yasOdha (9th pAsuram. 10th is the palasruthi.)

Thanks for giving us an opportunity to think and visualize the beautiful 

adiyEn rAmAnuja dhAsan
Vijay Triplicane