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INTRODUCTION (An Indian Soul in a Mexican Body)

From: Maria Esther Bordoy (
Date: Sun Oct 19 1997 - 10:56:06 PDT

      Hello, Mani Varadarajan and Bhakti List subscribers,

	Thank you for letting me subscribe to this list.
I know I will feel like family.  This will be a short
introduction, as I hope to learn a lot from this and also
to share something to it.
	I was born in, and have always lived in Mexico
City. From a very early age I feel attracted to knowing more
about life. I read all sorts of books and investigated faiths
other than my native Catholic.
	Then in 1977 I was fortunate to discover Transcendental
Meditation. I practiced it regularly for six years and took 
all their wonderful courses. In 1980 I visited India for the first
time and studied the scriptures under a teacher. Then in 1983, I 
discovered Siddha Yoga -- it felt like home, I learned to sing
bhajans, and other chants. I loved it so much that I went to live
there in the Ashram in Mexico for one year, and then went again 
to India, for two years.  My latest visit to Mother Bharat was in 
1992 and I feel that I am homesick to go there again soon.
	My Indian soul came for some reason into this Mexican 
body. When the Bharatnatyam dancers perfrom here, I always go 
to see them, but I always sit at the last row, because I feel 
embarassed that people see me cry there, for no good reason.
	There is a Hare Krishna temple near where I live, and 
I go there to pray and to meditate, but mostly I worship at home.
I want to learn more about the Vaisnava Philosophy and to share
our love and experiences with other bhaktas.
	My original language is Spanish. My western name is 
Maria Esther, but my guru, Swami Nityananda, gave me the name 
'Nityeshwari', which I would like to use to communicate with 
this group -- I love it so much.
	Well, I hope to read other postings and start enjoying this
	Om Shanti
		* Nityeshwari *