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kaNNan - sweetness of this name

From: V.MadhavakkaNNan (
Date: Thu Oct 16 1997 - 21:31:34 PDT

Dearest sri vaishNavAls,
Thanks a lot for your encouraging e-mails and patience to read my
blabberings. I know you read only because it contains matters pertaining to
(y)our Lord Sriman narAyaNan.
Let me write what I feel I wish to write (with no editing by my brain; all
verbatim from the heart) about the name "kaNNan"- Those who speak tamil or
malayalam language will only know how appealing it is to pronounce kaNNan
or kaNNA  with a 3 suzhi Na. Call yourself, kaNNA or call anybody whom you
love- child, baby friend, wife, be it a male or a female- Just enquire with
a concern and ask softly, "enna kaNNA". Feel the vibration in your voice,
mind, expression, love in those words you spoke and are within you (getting
generated for that person) and you will get all these reciprocated from
whom you just addressed. I swear. It is the loveliest name of all names;
tamizh is blessed with that 3 suzhi Na. Even KrishnA does not appeal to me
as much as kaNNA. 
pangayakkaNNan enkO pavaLachchevvAyan enkO- 
SenThAmaraikkaNNan - Red lotus eyed one; 
Even when you say that you can visualise the beautiful, nice, merciful,
lotus eyed lord, with a small baby face looking at you. In Gujarathi
language, too, they call as kannaiAh or kishan kannaiAh; There is a lovely
bhajan by Tulsidas "mE nahin mAkkan kAyO", means I never ate butter. (I
will write some othet time about that) sung by Anoop Jalota. 

Even BharathiAr wrote lots of poems on kaNNan ; as a servant, as a beloved;
as a friend; etc., one should read to enjoy. kaNNa dAsan has written number
of songs (film songs) with kaNNan name. "uNNumbodhum uRangumbodhum eNNam
muzhum kaNNandhAnE" . (Always my thinking is on kaNNan whether I am eating
or sleeping or doing any thing else). Same as "uNNum sORu parugum neer,
thinnum vetrilai ellAm kaNNan".

"kaNNA-kaNNA";-calls yasOdhA. How much you must have enjoyed calling this
chubby boy of 2 year old dark, beauty running with a golusu in his ankles;
adorned with a peacock feather on his head, in the midst of curly, curly
hair laden with dust (due to playing on the streets throughout the day) and
a dark, guNdu, kozhu kozhu body; with lovely suzhalum eyes (darting and
sparkilng); However many times you call him, threaten him that you will
tell appA all this when he come back; or use any method to coerce Him to
come in; He won't. He just wants to keep playing outside with semi clad
dress, half of it already lowered due to His playing, displaying the Golden
araignAN rope; Oh, my goodness! while we are apprciating His beauty along
with yasOdhA (at the entrance of their palace), He has taken advantage of 
that and dumped a fistful of sand in his mouth; and unlucky for Him, this
time our yasOdhA has seen it. She has rushed in a second with her large
eyes expressing full of anger" Hmmm... why did you eat that? kaNNA! are we
not feeding you properly? why do you not understand that it will affect
your health and it is YOu who are going to suffer". With all these
reprimands, She orders "Open your mouth, FAST! Before you gulp the sand.
let me take it out. HMMM.. Quick.." Our guy kutti kaNNan looking at His
ammA, with eyes full of fear and tears, opens his pavaLachchevvAi (red
coral lipped mouth) and shows not only the sand but the EARTH the MOON, THE
SUN THE UNIVERSE showing me sending this e-mail sitting in front of the PC
and each of you reading His act from your PC. yasodhA is
stupefied-speechless and hugs Him tight and fully ; keeps her eyes closed
and with lots of kisses all over the muddy face, keeps on uttering "kaNNA,
kaNNA, kaNNA, kaNNA, kaNNA.......". and goes into a trance. The mischievous
kaNNan sees us through her shoulders ans smiles with a wink. 
May this rich scene remain in our eyesight for ever and have His sowlabhya
thirumEni darshan. 

"yAmaRindha mozhigaLilE tamizh mozhi pOl inidhAvadhu engum kANOm" and
"yAmaRindha peyargaLilE kaNNan pOl inidhAvadhu engum kANOm".
A request: Please listen to OOthukkadu venkata subbaiyer songs sung by
Maharajapuram santhanam or sudha raghunAthan and enjoy more sweetness of
kaNNan. thanks.