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Response from Sri Sadagopan for the 3 questions

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Thu Oct 16 1997 - 15:37:24 PDT

Namaskarams!  Sri Sadagopan had kindly sent the following response for
the 3 questions I had raised earlier; I would like to share it with 
the group.  Thanks to Sri Jaganath Bharadwaj and Sri Sadagopan for
clarifying my doubts. 


Kalyani Krishnamachari

Dear Srimathi Krishnamachari :

Sri Jagan has already answered two of your 
three questions . My take on them is a s follows :

1. Srimadh RamAyaNam is always known as 
Saptha Khanda grantham . Hence the count 
includes Uttara Khanadham . Swami Desikan 
includes it in his Raghuveera Gadhyam .Hence
it is fine to write about it and do paarAyaNam of it .
Same tradition goes for Srimadh Bhagavatham .
Some do not go beyond the Dasama skandham 
dealing with Sri KrishNa . For those who think of Bhakthi 
as the fifth purushArtham , the Dasama skandham alone 
is sufficient and the rest of the wisdom enshrined in the other 
cantos are superflouos . Sri NaarAyana theertha"s 
KrishNa leelA tarangini is a  case in point . 

2. On special occasions , wearing an upper garment
( UttirIyam , Shawl ) containing the ThirumaNN , Sankham 
and chakram are presented at the temples like 
Sri VenkatEswarA temple in recognition of some 
kaimkaryam by the ArchakAs or officials . One has 
to receive them and wear them during those occasions .
Daily wearing of them particularly as Veshti is 
not in vogue for fear of geenral soucham and
possibility of  desecration . One can use them during 
Japam times . One wears the cloth containing 
the impression of AchArya PaadhukhAs on 
one's head during japam for similar reasons 
to remind one that he or she is the Thiruvadi 
of one's AchAryan .

3. For ladies , the usage of AdiyEn as a sign-off 
sounds like a good one to me . It is neither masculine 
or feminine . The femenine counterpart of Dasan 
was used hundreds of yers ago , but unfortunately with
the passage of time took on  a different connontation .

If all of us are wedded to Sriman NaarAyaNa 
(the bride groom ) as his  bride in a marriage 
performed by our AchAryAs , then the insignia 
of " AdiyEn " as a kainkaryabharAL to HIM 
sounds appropriate . 

You are  welcome to post this response on the net ,
if you wish .

Best Wishes ,