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sins- Countless sins

Date: Thu Oct 16 1997 - 02:35:11 PDT

Respected sri vaishNavALs,
Have I committed so many, countless sins? Have I done so many apachArams?
Oh my dearest pithA, trivikramA, DamOdarA!, the one who measured the
universe and asked for it!- I have been yelling for you, my dearest, again
and again with tears flooding in my eyes, mind and heart melting thinking
of you and longing to see you- I am standing in such a pathetic state. But
you are still not being seen. - At least appear before me and say " How
dare you wish to see me? You are such a BIG sinner." Say that atleast. But
COME and appear,Lord. 
Even after having comitted so many sins, still I want to see you and be
called a GREAT sinner by you. 

This is not the request from me. I am not so fortunate to get that bent of
mind. I am deeply caught up in samsAra sAgaram and there is no semblance of
getting out of it. 

The above request is by our nammAzhwAr (4.7.3). 

Evu ilatha theevinaigaL eththanai seythanankol
thAvi vaiyam koNda enthAi dAmOdhrA enRu enRu
koovi koovi nenju urugi kaNpani sora ninRAl
pAvi nee enRu onRu sollAi pAviyEn kANa vandhE.

Very touching- 

nammAzhwar thiruvadigaLE charaNam

Ram Ram

madhava dAsan