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mOhini alankAram

Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 22:35:10 PDT

Dearest sri vaishNavALs,
I felt like Chi. AnjanEyA (when praised by jAmbhavAn), when Sri Murli
Rangaswamy wrote about my postings. Thanks. I feel as if It is PirAtti and
RanganAthA who read my posts. We are all blessed to have Sri mani putting
us in this satsang discussing about sriman narAyaNan usinh the High tech
infrastructure. Looks like He will enable srivaishNavAs to get connected to
even Indra, Brahma and sri vaikunTam. may be , one fine morning, mani may
receive a subscription request from nArada, IndrA, etc. (Thanks, mani. God
bless you)

Now- When I was collecting contribution for mAnickkakondai kainkaryam for
BhumA piAtti, it reminded me of mOhini alankAram and thereby the discourse
of sri krishna premi on this.

When the mOhini alankAram utsavam procession took place, Lord RanganAthA
was exquisitely beautiful and gorgeous. He looked simply splendid! All
devotees thronged and pushed each other to obtain the full glimpse of the
Lord and get blessed. the Lord himself looked seemingly satisfied with the
alankAram and was wearing a proud smile of admiration. By nature He is
Beauty personified; now; He is in mOhini alankaram; Needless to say, He
lloks magnificent. (This alankAram procession takes place the day before
vaikuta ekAdashi-)

It seems during one such mOhini alankAram day, after the Lord finished His
journey and came back to His place, He had a deep satisfied sigh and asked
our parAsara bhattar (who was reported to have had conversation with
pirAtti and namperumAl). Our namperumal asked bhattar "So, Were you there?
How was the alankAram? Did you like? was it good?" He knew, it was an
excellent alankAram and He looked great more because almost all devotees
who were blessed to have His darshan exclaimed " pAren, pAren, perumAl
innikku  koLLai azhagA irukkAr ille! (See, See How great He looks!)" .

Bhattar had an impish smile; He said, " Lord, KshamikkaNum(Please forgive
me). You looked great, no doubt. It was an excellent alankAram. Marvellous
beautiful anna nadai when you walked the course. We really enjoyed our Lord
in that splendid alankaram; You looked, in all respects, as beautiful, as
BUT..."- He stopped.

naMperumAl was slightly taken aback. "Why BUT, then... come out "

Bhattar continued, again with a smile, "All said and done, you can not , I
repeat, can NOT, bring the expression of karuNai katAkshaM of my thAyAR in
your eyes. You can wear thousands of AbharaNangal and dress to make you
look like thAyAr and you may even look the same; BUT you are a navaneetha
chOran (a butter thief!); a NAUGHTY kaNNan! Your mischievous eyes have
failed you my LORD," Bhattar said this, while simultaneously admiring the
same naughty, mischievous, smiling, glittering, large, dark eyes of
naMperumAL (kariyavAgi pudai paranthu, miLirntha, sevvariyodiya, neenda,
periya vAya kaNgaL). The Lord Himself knows that Bhattar was enjoying the
beauty of His eyes and was smiling and sharing the fact that He can not
match the merciful looks of His consort and was even happy that bhattar
found that out.

May Sri RanganAyaki samEtha RanganAtha bless us all!

Ram Ram

adiyEn madhavan