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NammazhwAr pAsuram

Date: Mon Oct 13 1997 - 21:33:09 PDT

Dearest srivaishNavALs,
Last night, I was reading nammazhwAr pAsurams and liked some pAsurams for
its applicability on us directly - as if AzhwAr has sung on our behalf.
Would like to share with you an excellent two of them now.

1.kaiAr chakkarathu en karumaNikkamE enRenRu 
  poyyE kaimai chollip puRamE puRamE Adi
  meYYE peRRozhindEn vidhi vAikkinRu kAppAr Ar
  AiyO! kaNNapirAn aRaiyO inip pOnAlE. (5.1.1)

meaning: Oh my dearest black emerald(karumANickamE!) the one, who has the
powerful ChakrAyudhA in His hand(thirukkai)!- Like this, I uttered some
words, with no sincerity and devotion or truthfulness (to meet what I
utter) and cheated you; Nor did I try to follow or make an attempt to go
anywhere towards being sincere; On the contrary, I behaved only in the
opposite way.
But, alas! in spite of this, I have been blessed (with just a sugar coated
talking alone by praising your attributes) really to have you as my
property. Now, if it is time to get blessed to obtain your mercy and dayA,
who can stop that? NONE. Hence, kaNNA, aiYO! Is it not a deceipt (or
Cheating) for you to leave me after coming into me once? (Yes, IT IS.)
( - How true and how aptly it matches with what we do!)

2.pOnAi mAmrudhin naduvE en pollA mANickamE
  thEnE innamudhE enRenRE sila koothu cholla 
  thAnEl emperumAn avan ennAgi ozhindhAn
  vAnE mAnilamE maRRum muRRum en uLLanavE (5.1.2)

meaning:oh my dearest mischievous pearl(pollA maNiyE!), the one, who went
in between two big marudha trees!, Honey!(thEnE!), Sweetest nectar!
(innamudhE!), - Like this, I lied to you and acted as if I am speaking true
to my heart. I have uttered these words  and acted as if it is a sincere
addressing the BhagawAn
Even then, that emperumAn has believed me and my acting and has merged
fully with me. Hence, the sky, the universe, and other chEtana achEtanas
are all in me.

Marvellous. Aren't they?

Ram Ram

nammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam