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Prapatti-verses found in website

Date: Sun Oct 12 1997 - 05:09:39 PDT

Dear BhagavatottamALs,

There is a web site which I visited and I wish to share with my vaiahnav
It is "Sri Govinda Dham". In that link, I found myself reading a vast
collection of verses written by various saints (Even Yamunacarya,
Kulasekara, Bilvamangala-are all referred to here)- The entire collection
is on our favourite topic: Prapatti ; and the six angas (limbs) are also
individually decsribed- Perhaps you may like to visit the site at:
I have reproduced the last two verses of Chapter 2 for your ready

anukulyasya-sankalpah, pratikulya-vivarjjanam
raksisyatiti visvaso, goptrtve varanam tatha
atma-niksepa-karpanye, sad-vidha saranagatih 
Six divisions of surrender - "Acceptance of the favorable, rejection of the
unfavorable, the faith that 'He will surely protect me,' embracing the
Lord's guardianship, complete dependence on Him, and the perception of
one's utter helplessness without Him - these six are the essential limbs of
exclusive surrender to the Lord (saranagati)."
tavasmiti vadan vaca, tathaiva manasa vidan 
tat sthanam asritas tanva, modate saranagatah 
Saranagati should be practised in thought, word, and deed -"By his power of
speech, the surrendered soul declares, 'I am Yours'; in his thoughts, he
knows the same; and in person, he takes refuge in the Lord's holy abode. In
this way the surrendered soul passes his life, his heart filled with joy."
(I know my reaction of such nature can be compared to that of a small
child's when it sees an elephant's picture; It immediately rushes to its
elder brother (or sister) and its parents and show the picture with wide
open wonderstruck beaming eyes and with happiness all over the face; The
elders would have of course seen the elephant's picture 100 times before;

Ram Ram

Thanjamadaindha nam Ramanujane Thanjam

madhava daasan