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Clarifications frequired by madhavan sridharan

Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 03:28:25 PDT

Dear Madhavan sridharan,

This is madhavan from singapore.

Please let your friend read the postings from Bhakti archives –May 96 under
Hinduism # 6–Post 7 of 14,(posted by P.Dileepan) . It is an interesting 
Q&A posting and will clarify many of our questions( all that we wanted to
know but were afraid to ask). I was reading it only 15 minutes back. It
will clear your (friend's) mind. You are right. It is Sriman narayaNa ( who
is always with SRI MahaLakshmi-  Nityanapayinee) is the Supreme and can
bless you with the mind to surrender yourself to Him. We only have to pray
to Him (through our Guru) to bless us with that bent of mind for

The web site address is:

That is the use of Archives, madhavan and it comes handy to refer.


Sri Ranganayaki sametha Ranganatha parabrahmane namah: