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naan kaNdu koNdEn

Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 00:13:18 PDT

Dear Sri vaishnavaas,
This is madhavan from singapore. 
Another favourite pasuram which I relish singing in the Raag Sahaanaa (as
learnt from my mother)- pardon me for any semblance of exhibition of pride-
Tears always well in my eyes whenever I sing this pasuram of Thirumangai

VaadinEn Vadi VarundhinEn manaththaal
	perunthuyaridum idumbayil piRandhu

KoodinEn Koodi eLaiyavar thammodu 
	avar tharum kalaviyE karudhi

OdinEn odi uyvadhOr poruLaal
	uNarvenum perumpadham therindhu

NaadinEn naadi naan kaNdu koNdEn
	NARAAYANA yennum naamam

Those who know tamil and Thirumangai mannan's story would have already
understood the meaning.

Meaning: (as understood and recollected by me-)

VaadinEn vaadi varundhinEn manaththaal- Regretting, Feeling guilty,
miserable, painful at heart;

perunthuyaridum idumbaiyir piRandhu   - Being born in a material body which
is a reservoir of terrible and tremendous sorrow/unhappiness;

KoodinEn Koodi eLaiyavar thammodu avar tharum kalaviyE karudhi OdinEn odi-
Ran after young women seeking for monentary pleasures which they give from
the physical union with them; 

uyvadhOr poruLaal uNarvenum perumpadham therindhu-Realised now (with His
grace) that there exists a Higher Blissful goal to save me ;

NaadinEn naadi naan kaNdu koNdEn NARAAYANA yennum naamam- I have been
yearning for this and Now I have found out and it is: "NAARAAYANAA"- 

An excellent pasuram- a touch of pathos for Thirumangai mannan's
guilt,regret for his past actions (Karpanyam?);- Rightfully regretting ,
especially after realising that even Kumudavalli (wife of Thirumangai
mannan) herself was sent by Narayana to divert the Azhwar from Material
pursuits/pleasures of the world -ThadutthaatkoLLaL)-Such is the Grace of
Sriman NarayaNa) 

(I only wish the Lord sends us such sources for "ThadutthaatkoLL"-ifying
us- or may be it is our Sri Mani, whom He has sent- to connect us
electroncially and get benefitted in the process)

One should know the story to relish this pasuram more. (With Bhagavaan's
grace, I would like to attempt to write the complete stories of Azhwaars -
as a means for self purification- ; I will try to make it lucid and simple
so that even a novice can follow.)   

Ram Ram

Thirumangaiazhwaar ThiruvadigaLe saranam