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Vaattamil kaNgaL

Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 17:02:51 PDT

Dear Sri vaishNavaaLs,
My another favourite Pasuram is ThiruppaNazhwar's eighth pasuram for its
beautiful adjectives, which are to be read, re-read, imagined and enjoyed.

The members of Bhakti group have discussed at length about the incidents of
Sarangamuni's scolding and throwing a small stone at PaNaR(who was lost in
immense Bhakti of ARangan and was oblivious of surroundings)- subsequent
Lord Ranganatha's blood sreaming down from His forehead- His appearing in
Sarangamuni's dream and ordering him to carry PaNaR on his shoulders the
next day to bring him to the Lord- AND OUR THIRUPPANAZHWAR sang those
marvellous, excellent, lovely, superb bhakti laden 10 nice pasurams. All of
them are good. But I personally enjoy the eighth. Not that I like others
less, but I like this ONE more, especially because of its string of
adjectives for Lord's beautiful eyes.

Pariyanaagi vandha avanaNudal keenda amararkku
ariya aadhipiraan arangaththamalan mugaththu
PERIYA VAAYA KANGAL ennai pedhamai seidhanavE!

Ariya AAdhipiraan Arangaththamalan mugaththu- Rare (to be seen even for
dEvaas, brahmaa and sivan), Primordial Lord, our Ranganatha and On His face

Kariyavaagi- The Black (Jet black) - Dark eyes are really lovely to look
at; especially when the background-(i.e Thirumugham) is a lotus, blue hued
divine face equipped with sharp, straight nose, piRai-moon like forehead,
few strands of dark, curly hairs falling over that forehead, with few drops
of sweat on the forhead, (and a beautiful white ThirumaN and SreechoornaM),
Red Coral lips with a gentle ( or mischievous?), impish smile  (Saabipraaya
smitha vikasitham- Bhagavadh Dhyana Sopaanam- described earlier very nicely
by Sri. V.Sadagopan);

Pudaiparandhu- well spanned, and well laid (eyelids);  

MiLirndhu- Sparkling,-Darting, bright, shining, glittering (AiYo! Ivan
Azhagenna Azhiyaa Azhagudaiyaan- Kambanattazhwan says "Alas! I am at a loss
of words. His beauty can not be described in words- He is ever-living,
immortal beauty!-)

Sevvariyadi- It is not just Black pupils on white background; the white is
mixed with small red lines running over the whiteness( due to blood
vessels:)- The sevvari- running red lines add to the beauty of His eyes; It
is Azhwar's enjoyment-poetic narration is what moves me!- one should
remember that azhwar was born in PanaR kulam who were known for their
singing and being blessed, you can imagine azhwar's voice and ecstasy in
singing these pasurams in front of Arangan whom he really longed to see
with his naked eyes; (even though he had been seeing in his mind)- 
Neenda- Long (Kaadhalavu neenda kaNgal  is supposed to be a Samudhrika
LakshaNaM- one of the important attributes of a Beautiful person);

App- That;

PeriyaVaaya- Wide mouthed- means the wide open, large

KaNgaL- Eyes (Vaattamil KaNgaL- Eyes which never wear a tired look) 

Ennai Pedhamai seidhanavE- have made me mad, crazy after Him

Really a marvellous pasuram- So many adjectives for the Beauty of His eyes.

We only wish we are able to visualize at least one -millionth of this
beauty when we enjoy His eyes;


ThiruppaNazhwar ThiruvadigaLe Saranam