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thiruvaaymozhi vyaakhyaanam project - part 1/ introduction

From: Thirumalai Anandanpillai (
Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 15:34:42 PDT

Dear bhaagavathaas,

Sometime back, I was talking to Sri.Sampath Rengaraajan about our
sampradaayam and the topic of sri.PuththUr swaami and his kainkaryam
in publishing the commentaries of our poorvaachaaryaas came up.
Sri.PuththUr swaami has been publishing commentaries of our
poorvaachaaryaas for the past 50 years. Before him, his father,
Sri.PuththUr Srinivaasa Iyengar, was performing this kainkaryam for a
long time.Sri.Rengi mentioned to me about the difficulties that
puththUr swaami has in completing this kainkaryam.

I talked to my grandfather in India, about this. He has more that 50
years of experience in doing such kainkaryam along with a host of other
kainkaryams. He adviced us here to go forward with the project, and
thought that this will be an ideal project for us to take up. He also
volunteered to co-ordinate everything in India.

The main difficulty that puththUr swaami is facing is obtaining money
to publish the commentaries.  We, being her for economic reasons, and
being in a better position with respect to money (10$ = 350 Rs!!), are
suited to participate in his efforts by collecting money and sending it
to him to enable him to perform the kainkaryam of publishing our
poorvaachaaryaas commentary for posterity.  It is a safe bet to say
that after puththUr swami's time, it probably will be extremely
difficult, if not impossible, to publish these commentaries.

The only copies of the commentaries (given below), that are available
now are more that 70 years old, and the number of copies that are
present probably can be counted with our hands. Some of the
commentaries are in lipi (telugu) script and need to be transliterated
into Tamizh/Sanskrit before they can be published. Right now, puththUr
swaami is the only person that we know that has the capabilities to
transliterate the lipi commentaries into Tamizh/Sanskrit & publish them
in a reasonable timeframe.

While I was talking to my grandfather and others in India about this,
Sri.Rengaraajan talked to his uncle in Srirangam, and
Sri.Krishnamaachaari of Raamanuja ratham and obtained a lot of
information that will be posted by him in subsequent posts.

The thiruvaaymozhi editions are extensive,
and have the following:
         aaraayirappadi vyaakhyaanam  - thirukkurugaipiraan piLLaan
         onbadhanaayirappadi   - nanjeeyar
         panneeraayirappadi  -   vaadikEsari azhagiya maNavaaLa jeeyar
         irupaththunaalaayirappadi - periyavachchaan piLLai
         eedu muppaththaaraayirappadi  - nampiLLai
         adayavaLaindhaan arumpatha viLakkam for eedu  - aaththaan jeeyar
         jeeyar arumpadham for eedu  - kunakarambaakkam raamaanuja jeeyar
            draamidOpanishad saaram (one sanskrit stOtram for each decade)
                                        -vEdaanta dEsikar
             thiruvaaymozhi nooRRandhaadhi - maNavaaLa maamunigaL.

He has already published the first 5 paththus (centuries). The remaining
5 paththus are left.  In the next post, I will post the details of how
much money is required. I also have prepared  sample, by xeroxing only
the first paasuram of thiruvaaymozhi, and all the vyaakhyaanams
associated with it (about 50 pages).  I will be glad to mail it to
anyone that is interested.

We invite each and every SriVaishnava to participate in this kainkaryam
(even if we can call this kainkaryam - after all , all we are doing is
give money). Over the next few days, Sri.Rengi and Sri.Mohan have
graciously agreed to post more details regarding this.

We request the guidance of the elders in this forum to make this
project successful. We ask for forgiveness for any apachaaram committed
in the process of us posting this.