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Sri Krishna-premi

From: usdeiva (
Date: Mon Oct 06 1997 - 08:17:46 PDT

Krishna Kalale wrote:
> the rendering of Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj is excellent.  I found that > when I was in India, his cassettes on Bhagavatham, Ramayana,  > Bhagawadgita are all on sale. each of them are a set of about 30-40  > cassettes.  I have several of them but I would like to get all of his > collections someday soon.
> I heard from Yajnanarayana Diksitar, who is currently Dallas Texas in > a temple, who incidentally, is the brother's son of great Sengalipuram
> Anantharama Diksitar:  that,  Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj had hardly  > strained himself to learn the Sastras, and that his erudition was a 
> clear gift blessed to him by a Saint  who lived in Sengalipuram under > whom he studied for a short while. Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj used to
> be a master orator even in his 30's and most of his rich renditions 
> havent even been taped! and the ones available now are not to his 
> previous standards.  Even these tapes are excellent; what can we say > of the previous lectures.  Then he moved to paranur, it seems.
> I like to know more about Sri Krishna Premi if someone knows more.
> Adiyen Krishna Kalale

Dear Sri Krshna,

                 Can you please e-mail to me the contact address / phone
number of Sri yajna-nArAyaNa dIkshitar at Dallas?

                 Sri Krishna Premi has long since settled down in
Srirangam and continues with his very sensitive 'upanyAsa-kAinkaryam'
(service through discourses) for the 'sampradAyam'.   The following
address should do, to contact him:

Sri Krishna Premi, North Chitra Street, SRIRANGAM-620006 (Tamil Nadu).

aDiyEn rAmAnujadAsan, T.S. Sundara Rajan, <>