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Sadhana Path - V

From: Shree (
Date: Mon Oct 06 1997 - 09:33:14 PDT


I am picking up on the posts from Sadhana Path after a break.
Here is prayer to the Lord - shlokas from Bhagvad Gita with meanings.


sthaane hR^ishhiikesha tava prakiirtyaa
 	jagatprahR^ishhyatyanurajyate cha .
rakshaa.nsi bhiitaani disho dravanti
 	sarve namasyanti cha siddhasaN^ghaaH .. 11\.36..

kasmaach{}cha te na nameranmahaatman.h
 	gariiyase brahmaNo.apyaadikartre .
ananta devesha jagannivaasa
 	tvamaksharaM sadasattatparaM yat.h .. 11\.37..

O Hrishikesa ! The universe is naturally filled with love by chanting of
Thy names, Virtues and Glory; evil souls flee; the righteous bow to Thee.

They bow to Thee, the Progenitor of the Creator; the greatest of the great.

O Infinite Master! Lord of Celestials! Abode of the Universe ! Thou art
that which is existent (Sat); that which is non-existent (Asat); and that
which is beyond both; the Indestructible !

tvamaadidevaH purushhaH puraaNaH
 	tvamasya vishvasya paraM nidhaanam.h .
vettaasi vedya.n cha para.n cha dhaama
 	tvayaa tataM vishvamanantaruupa .. 11\.38..

Thou art the Primal God; the Most Ancient Person; the ultimate resort of
the Universe Thou art the knower and the knowable ! Thou art the highest
abode! Thou pervadeth the Universe and assumeth the endless forms !

vaayuryamo.agnirvaruNaH shashaaN^kaH
 	prajaapatistvaM prapitaamahashcha .
namo namaste.astu sahasrakR^itvaH
 	punashcha bhuuyo.api namo namaste .. 11\.39..

Thou art Vayu (Wind-god), Yama (god of Death), Agni (Fire-god), Varun
(Water-god), Shashank (Moon-god), Prajapati (Brahma) and even his Ancestor.
A thousand salutations! And, Obeisance again and again.

tvamaksharaM paramaM veditavya.n
 	tvamasya vishvasya paraM nidhaanam.h .
tvamavyayaH shaashvatadharmagop{}taa
 	sanaatanastvaM purushho mato me .. 11\.18..

Thou art the Supreme Divinity to be realised. Thou art the treasurehouse of
this Universe. I regard Thee as the Imperishable and Immutable Being.

pitaasi lokasya charaacharasya
 	tvamasya puujyashcha gururgariiyaan.h .
na tvatsamo.astyabhyadhikaH kuto.anyo
 	lokatraye.apyapratimaprabhaava .. 11\.43..

Thou art the Father of this moving and unmoving creation - Thou art the
Greatest Guru; worthy of adorations; O Lord of incomparable might, there is
none in all the three worlds even equal to Thee; who then can excel Thee?

tasmaatpraNamya praNidhaaya kaayaM
 	prasaadaye tvaamahamiishamiiDyam.h .
piteva putrasya sakheva sakhyuH
 	priyaH priyaayaarhasi deva soDhum.h .. 11\.44..

O Lord, Prostrating my body at Thy Feet, I bow to Thee, the Supreme Ruler
of all, and worthy of praise. It behoves Thee to bear with me as a
father(1) with his son; as a friend(2) his friend; and as a husband(3) his

 	pR^ich{}chhaami tvaaM dharmasaMmuuDhachetaaH .
yach{}chhreyaH syaannishchitaM bruuhi tanme
 	shishhyaste.aha.n shaadhi maa.n tvaaM prapannam.h .. 2\.7..

Being tainted by the vice of faintheartedness, and my mind terribly
confused as to my duty(4), I seek Thy guidance. Instruct me what is
decidedly good. Direct me as I have put myself entirely into Thy Hands.

1.  Father forgives his son for the faults committed out of ignorance and
2.  A friend bears math his friend's indignities in a spirit of fun. 
3.  A husband forgives his wife for her lapses occasioned by intimacy.
4.   When the mind is puzzled and becomes incapable of distinguishing
between virtue and vice, duty and what is interdicted, mere suggestions and
advice do not help to get out of the mental misery. It is indeed a Teacher
and Guide who can command the disciple to follow a definite path, to drive
out all his sorrows and infatuation and to attain the supreme good.

For this, exclusive surrender to the Most High, Who is the repository of
all power, is necessary. Such attitude of Prapanna is to be cultivated by
throwing oneself at the Feet of the Lord, completely and for all times,
while constantly looking on at Him, engaged in thought of the Almighty and
All-pervading, and retaining the unfaltering desire of always acting as a
puppet in His hands.