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Periyazhwar pasuram

Date: Mon Oct 06 1997 - 06:43:42 PDT

Dear Bhagavatottamaals,
This is madhavan from Sinagpore. I would like to start sharing the little I
know/heard of and it is NOTHING compared to those of stalwarts in this
group; But I consider myself elated to be present in this group to gain
access to Sri vaishanavaas.

The following periyazhwaar pasuram was once narrated by Sri Krishna premi
in Srirangam( who lives in the same street where we stay). His upanyasam on
any topic and on any sloka/pasuram generally bring tears rolling down the

Siruviral Thadavi parimaRa 
	SenkaN Koda Seyyavai Koppulippa
KuRuvayirppuruvam koodilippa
	Govindan Kuzhal kondu oodhinapodhu
Paravaiyin KanangaL koodu thurandhu
	vandhu soozhndhu padukadu kidappa
Karavaiyin kanaNgaL Kal paRappittu
	 KavizhndhiraNgi Seviyattagillave.

Meaning: (as much as I recollect)

When Govindan strokes and distributes through His small lovely fingers over
His flute and plays music, (how? - SenkaN koda Seyyavai Koppulippa- The
Lotus eyes strain and the Lotus coral lips blow the air- How great it will
be to witness those Beautiful lotus eyes and the( Kuvindha) Coral lips! -
Kuravayirppuruvam Koodilippa - the little sweaty eye brows slightly narrow
down as if they are trying to touch each other due to the effort he takes
for playing the flute)

When such a lovely divine music flows from the Almighty Himeself,
the Birds leave their nests and approach the Lord to come near Him (to
listen) and lie dead so that no disturbance is caused even by their wings;
the Cows and Calves (some of them are half way eating the grass- some of
them had already eaten but didnot chew; some just lowered to eat the grass
but freezed and all of them thus stopped in the middle in order not to let
their eating or munching sound disrupt them  to hear the Divine music- How
true! Even we donot move our jaws and munch when we watch and hear an
important or good programme on TV- We can imagine their ecstasy when given
an opportunity to hear Venugopalan's Karnaamrutham.) The cows and calves
did not, no, COULD NOT  even shake thier ears, it appears.

How much Periyazhwaar has enjoyed and even an ordinary girl brought up by
such a Bhaktaa will fall in love with this Hero; No wonder our
Bhoomipiratti fell for Him.

Now after describing all this, Sri Krishna Premi added " The Lord who has
created the Universe, the Vedas and the arts and the Music as well - Should
he strain for playing the flute - why should the eyebrows narrow and sweat
appear on his face?- NO. That is NOT the reason; It is due to Lord's
looking and viewing a much farther span of distance to check for His Heart
throb Radha's arrival. Cows and Calves have come; Bird have come- Where is
my beloved Radha ?  and Hence, Gentle sweating and narrowing down of

Think of this scene an excellent evening witha gentle breeze ; in a
Beautiful Garden with lots of flowers and a pond; with birds and cattle as
described above; and In the middle the blue hued Lotus eyed, Coral lipped
majestic Lord Krishna- and eagerly awaiting for His beloved and playing His
flute while He waits;

Stopping  here wih no further keyboard noise ; else it will disturb the
rich scene which you are enjoying;

Ram Ram

madhava daasan