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Introduction to SRI VAISHNAVA GROUP- (Long- please bear with it)

Date: Sat Oct 04 1997 - 07:34:15 PDT

My name is V.Madhavakkannan working for Bechtel, Sinagpore. Born and
brought up in  Madras. When I secured admission in BITS, Pilani, Rajasthan,
my father shifted to Srirangam since he was deputed to BHEL, Trichy. From
then on, we are Srirangamites. 
This group members know more about sriranga Divya kshetram.

In March, when I was surfing in the NET, I saw Mani's page and was amazed
by the info available on the site. Immediately I sent him an e-mail; and
though mani gave me the permission to join the group, I waited to purchase
a PC for my home use before joining this group so that I can enjoy more
satisfactorily. Last week I have bought a PC and now I am also a proud
member of Bhakti group, thanks to Sri Mani.

But for almost six months I have been immersing myself again and again in
various discussions and topics written by members of this group- Guys, I
have been waiting to write this in my Introductory message. Sri Sadagopan's
PTS, Tiruppavai, Thyagayyar articles, Mani-Vidya's Long EXCELLENT argument,
Mani's "adhuvum avanadhu arule", MKsudharsan's PPS, 4th widow,
Bhishmasththi,etc., Sri Sampath Rangarajan's Kallazhagar, Andal,
Oppiliappan articles, Vijay srinivasan's Dayasathagam, P.Dileepan's Kalyana
Guna descriptions, Krishnamachari's Sahasranamam- Wow! I have to write the
complete list of archives again to complete my appreciation and joy of
reading them. Whenever I read these EXCELLENT topics, I take a print and
take it to home for dicussion with my family. I have even sent some
articles to my father at srirangam. He was pleasantly surprised at the
resourceful and knowledgeble group from abroad. Bravo, mani for bringing
them together.

We are swamachariars and belong to vangeepuram (again V.sadagopan has
described about Vangeepuram already). I am told we are Bhandhus of Ayyathu
Devanathachariar. That only makes me feel more guilty for leading this
lowkika life running amuck after material pursuits; By Sriman Narayana's
grace I belong to Sat Group now and it is His Daya to show me this means to
get to see, read, digest and remnisce these articles and to have His vision
at every time we think of these articles.

About 6 to 7 years back, I remeber to have shown to my father an article
(or review?) which appeared in The Hindu about Prof Vasudha Narayanan of
University of Florida- My father and I were discussing the depth at which
she had analysed. When I read her Ramayana articles, I was extremely
thrilled. I FEEL REALLY PROUD TO BE A member of this group, especially when
I read about Martin Gangsten and Raymond Crawford. (I saw Crawford's Udupi
site; Very Nice.) I wish I had been working in the States to meet you all.

Words do not come to my help to express my thanks( to mani) and happiness.
I am left searching for words. Let me close this Intro and I will get bact
to you as and when I get moved by anything related to OUR Lord (be it a
sloka, a pasuram, an anecdote or a story)- He is Akilajagath Swamin and
Asmath Swamin.

 Ram Ram

adiyen madhava daasan   
Tel 65-7535971
P.S. Since I am staying in Sinagpore and My father in Srirangam, any member
in this group is hereby invited to visit me (on the way to India) and my
father at Srirangam(he will definitely help you- he is teaching vedas after
retirement from BHEL). This is my personal request and I will happy to
receive you as my athithees. Do come.