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From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Oct 31 1996 - 17:10:31 PST

Hello : It is very rare to have name 
"Shanipriya " for a child .There must be 
a reason for such  achoice .  Bhagavan Sani
is the son of Surya . Among all the planets 
(Nava Graham ), he moves the slowest  in 
a majestic fashion. He blesses those 
immersed in samsaaric sufferings and is 
particularly fond of Siva Bhakthaas . 
He is dark in color according to Mantra Sastraas . 
Composer Mutthuswami Dikshithar has drawn a beautiful
pen portrait of him in Sanskrit 
in his composition " Diwakara Thanujam 
Sanaiswaram " set in Raga Yadhukula Kambhoji. 
He is worshipped by Maalini mantra ( One of the
Navagraha Mantraas)and is fond of blue flowers. 
He is the Lord of Makara and Kumba raasis 
according to the Jyothisha Saastram doctrines.
When one has sani Dasai , it is a difficult period and 
--maximum 7 and half years--
and one waits for a considerable period of time to 
get out of it. He is worshipped in Tamil Nadu
in a Temple for him at ThirunaLLaaru near 
Karaikaal . Deepams burning gingelly oil
and Sesame seed rice are pleasing to him.
Hence worshippers offer them to him to get his
blessings.His vehicle is Crow. He limps  as a result of 
being hit on his knees by Kala chakram in a 
He is considered equivalent to Kamadhenu in his 
capacity to give boons requested by his devotees.
I have no clue for the choice
of such a rare name for the child . Hence , It is
difficult for me to comment on the appropriateness
of such a name as Shanipriya for  a child..


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My sister has named her daughter Shanipriya.

I have been told that the name had something to do with the planet Saturn.

Could you please tell me what it really means and if it is a good name for
a girl.

Cintamani Dasi