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Re: Syayamacharyas

From: Mohan Sagar _at_DHQ (303)757-9808 Ext:2808 (_at_DHQ)
Date: Tue Oct 29 1996 - 12:30:45 PST

My father's lineage has 'mudumbai nambi/ammaaL' and
mother's side has 'kidaambi aacchaan/perumaaL'. They
are all part of the 74. However, both had told us that
they are 'madaththu kaara" not svayam aacharya.
Ahobila Matam is supposed to be our traditional maTam.
So this does not seem to fit the descendance theory.

Another thing I have noticed is that most "svayam aacharya"s
carry the name "chari". (Char/Charlu).

Srinivasan K
---------------------------------------------------end quote

Furthering the ambiguities that surround this subject, both my mother
and father's side identify themselves as belonging to the
Svayamacharya lineage, but neither family belongs to the original 74.

Regarding the use of Chari in one's name, I do not think that it is
exclusively connected with the Svayamacharya tradition.  I know
several Svayamacharyas who do not have Chari or Charylu in their
names.   And, I also know that there are several non-Brahmin
SriVaishnavas who by tradition, utilize Chari or Charylu in their
names.  For example, my In-laws in Hyderabad utilize a traditional
silver & goldsmith by the name of Srinivasacharylu.  He is not an
Iyengar, but is a practicing SriVaishnava, who regularly wears
SriChurnam and only displays pictures of Thayar and Perumal in his

Daasanu Daasan,