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Sri Vegaa Sethu Stotram -- Part 3

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Oct 27 1996 - 11:30:46 PST

Verse 5 : Oupacchandasikam Metre

chaturaanana saptha tanthu gopthA
saritham Vegavatheemasou nirundhan I
Paripushayathi mangaLaani pumsAm 
bhagavaan bhakthimataam Yathokthakaaree II 

(meaning ) : Here at this Divya desam , the Lord 
stood as a divine dam to arrest the furious flow of 
Saraswathi in the form of a river and saved the Yajnam 
of Brahma . When his Bhaktha (Thirumazhisai AzhwAr ) 
commanded Him to roll up his bed of Adisesha and 
accompany him , He did so ; afterwards , when the Azhwar
requested Him to return to His divya Desam and spread his bed 
back again to rest there , he did  obey the instructions of the Azhwaar 
and earned therefore the name " Sonna VaNNam Seytha 
PerumAL / YathoktakAri  " . This Lord of ThiruvehhA blesses 
all those , who worship Him at His divya desam with devotion .  

Verse 6 : Vasantha Tilakaa metre

SrimAn pitAmaha vadhU paricharyamANa:
Setheh bhujanga sayaneh sa mahAbhujanga : I
pratyAdisanthi bhava samcharaNam prajAnAm 
bhakthAnuganthuriha yasya gatAgatAni II

In this Divya Desam , the humbled Sraswathi Devi 
is seen at  the foot of the resting Lord (Vishnu Sethu ) 
with folded hands. She has a pose that suggests her 
readiness to serve her father-in-law in a chastened mood.
Swami Desikan also uses a pun(sledai ) on the word Bhujanga 
in this verse . The two meanings are : (1) the Lord resting on a snake 
(Adi Seshan ) as Bhujanga Sayanan (2) One who has  intense 
desire for those devoted to Him such as the Gopis of 
Brindavanam and Azhwaars like Thirumozhisai .

At this Divya desam , the Lord with His consort receives the 
Kaimkaryam of Saraswathi and protects His devotees in many ways.
Those devotees , who meditate and reflect upon the comings
and goings ( gathaagathaani )  of the Lord at the request 
of Thirumazhisai Azhwaar here would be blessed fully 
to be saved from the terrors of Samsaaraa. 
His attitude as he rests on his serpent bed 
seems to be like that of a intensely desirous one , who wants 
to associate with similar minded bhakthaas , who have intense 
desire for Him .


Incidentally , the Bhujanga Sayana Sevai at this Divya 
Desam is one of the 8 sayana poses that we have the 
Darsanam of the Lord in Archa form at the 27 divya Desams.

The Bhujanga Sayanam has been chosen by the Lord in 
the following 20 Divya Desams :

1. Thiruvehha  2. Thiruvananthapuram 3. Srirangam 
4. Thiru Anbil 5. Thiru Aadhanoor 6.  Thiru YeVuuL 
7. Thirukkarambanur 8.Thiru Kabisthalam 9. Thirukkoshtiyur
10 . ThirukkoLur 11. Thirucchirupuliyur 12. Thiru Terriambalam
13. Thiruppaarkadal ( Apraakrutham ) 14.Thiruppirithi (Jyoshi mutt)
15. ThiruppuLingudi 16. ThirupuLLam Bhoothamgudi 
17. Thiruppernagar 18. Thiruvaataaru 19. ThiruveLLiIangudi 

The other Sayana Kshetrams and the types of sayanam  are :

1. Bhoga Sayanam/ Tillai Thirucchitrakootam
2. Maanikka sayanam / Thiruneermalai 
3. Vata Patra sayanam / Srivilliputthur
4.Veera sayanam / Thiru IndaLUr
5. UdyOga sayanam/ Thirukkudanthai
6. Darba Sayanam / ThirupullaaNi
7.Sthala Sayanm / Thirukkadanmallai .

When the 108 Divya Desam CD --ROM project gets 
completed , the Bahkthaas would have a chance to 
see all the 8 sayanams at one place .