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Date: Sat Oct 26 1996 - 11:32:48 PDT

-------------------------------begin Jaganath's quote
There is one Dr. Venkat Kanumalla who originally hails from a 
family, i.e. followers of Shankaracharya, and pioneered efforts to
set up the Ranganatha temple of New York for 10 years.  He has been
authorised to do samAshrayam for people unable to visit India, 
such a practice is non existent in his family.
-------------------------------end quote

It is unfortunate that the Swayamacharya tradition has been dwindling 
in recent years.  As there appears to be a small semblance of 
practicing SriVaishnava families in every major city in the US, 
having a knowledgable individual in each community who could impart 
the traditions and philosophy would be valuable in ensuring their 
continuation. I am glad to know that Dr. Venkat has been appointed in 
such a capacity.  I have spoken with him on several occassions, and I 
admire his knowledge and dedication.

I have also been feeling lately that our priests should be taking a 
more active role.  We lay followers are forming associations and 
discussion groups, which is definitely indicating our interest to 
learn more.  However, from what I have seen from my brief visits to 
temples in Pittsburgh, Chicago, LA, etc. (Denver does not yet have a 
temple), the Priests, while readily serving the Hindu Community at 
large, do not seem to be taking an active role in the preservation of 
SriVaishnavism.  I was wondering whether others in the group could 
shed some light as to why this is so, or correct me if I am wrong. 

Daasanu Daasan.