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daya and its synonyms

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Sat Oct 26 1996 - 01:41:53 PDT

SrimathE Lakshmirusumha parabrahmanE namaha
Sri Vedanta Desika GuravE namaha

I am simply wonderstruck by the most insightful comments posted in the past
few days on the above subject by several "bhagavatOttamas". I request more
comments to enable us all to experience the wonderful quality of "daya"
which is one of the celebrated "kalyana gunas" of our Lord. 

I realize that quite a few of you would in the course of participating in
this discussion perforce peruse the Daya satakam or the gadyams or other
stotras of our acharyas to be able to cull out the essence of this most
delectable quality of the the Lord. In the process you would all, without
realizing it, each acquire the "punya" of having read through or
re-collected the particular "stotra". 

And, of course, to me would accrue the "punya" of having manipulated you all
to do so!

BhavatOttamas must forgive me for my devious selfishness.

Srimathe srivan satogopa sri narayana yathIndra mahadesikAya namaha.