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RE: Dayashatakam
Date: Fri Oct 25 1996 - 20:10:55 PDT

Sri Sundareshan said in Dayashatakam:

    >>>   Daya ---    57 verses
                     Karuna --   27   "
                     Krupa --    11   "
                     Anukampa--  11   "

                     Total       106 verses

"kshama" seems to me more as having the flavour of "forgivance" than pure
unalloyed "mercy" which the other synonyms connote.So I am leaving it

Why leave out Kshama? In a way KSHAMA is the EXPRESSION of
Daya,  Karuna , Krupa  and Anukampa .  These are sort of prerequisites for

Daya, Karuna, Krupa and Anukampa are feelings, Kshama is the actual act.  

It perhaps takes 57 ounces of daya, 27 ounces of karuna, 11 ounces of krupa
and 11 ounces of anukampa to ahve 2 ounces worth of Kshama!
You also said: 
>>>>>Two verses, No.8 and No.46, do not seem to contain any synonym (for

Verse no. 8 contains two words with implied meanings  to Daya : Nishamayatu
and Bhaktadosheshvadarshanam

Nishamayatu means let karunakataksham be bestowed

Bhaktadosheshvadarshanam which can be split into:  Bhaktadosheshu+adarshanam
means overlooking the faults of bhaktas. This is Daya.

Verse 46 contains  Prayunkte, which is translated to : will bestow mercy.  


K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)