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Re: Svayamacharyas

From: Shrikanth, J (
Date: Fri Oct 25 1996 - 13:12:41 PDT

Dear Bhaktas,

  The recent posts on swayamAchArya purushAs have been extremely

 I have a small question about the history of samashrayanam. Shri Mani
  (among  others) writes:

       It should be pointed out that even maTha swamis must be from svayam
       acharya purusha families. By tradition, only these people are
       authorized to have samASrayaNam done for people.    

  Does this mean that samashrayanams stated being performed only after
  this period ?  

 I had assumed that it was an ancient rite among Vaishnavas. For example, 
 I thought that what the azhwar says in Tiruppallandu refers to the 
 samashrayanam. (Pardon the bad transliteration! )
      tiyir pozhigindra cencudaraazhi 
      koyirporiyaale otrundunindru

 Rough translation: Bearing the imprint of the holy Cakra, caused by the
    fiery- hot, consecrated instrument, we have been at the Lord's service
    for generations.

 Any information from the bhagavatotamas of the group will be appreciated.
 namo nArAyaNA