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Contributions to Sri Yathothakthakari Swamy

From: Bhashyam Nallappa (
Date: Fri Oct 25 1996 - 13:07:42 PDT

		Srimade   Ramanujaya    Namaha
Dear Friends,	    
 This is an appeal for your esteemed participation in the renovation
 of Perumal Sannadhi  Vimanam  of SRI YATHOKTHAKARI  SWAMY TEMPLE,
 Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu ,India.
The Lord in this temple has the Tamil name SONNA VANNAM SEITHA PERUMAL;
the shrine is known as THIRU VEHHA and is one among the 108 Divya Desams
of the Shri Vaishnava worship.
The antiquity of  this temple dates back to the Sangam period of
Tamil literature. 
The Sangam poet Nachinaarkiniyar refers to this temple as THIRU VEHHA.
The word "Vehha" in literary tamil means a  location surrounded by beautiful thick forest. The Lord is reclining on the serpent.
The Avatara Sthalam of POIGAI ALWAR, one among the trinity of the
pioneering Alwars propagating the Bhakti margam in lyrical Tamil,
is located just 100 yards to the right of the temple. This is a tank 
(POIGAI) and the Alwar was born on a lotus flower. The sannaddhi  of 
POIGAI ALWAR  is located with in the temple. Each year in the month of
Aiyppasi  on Thiruvonam day the Avatara Utsavam is celebrated.
The fourth in the chronology of the Alwars,THIRUMAZHISAI PIRAN,
had an intimate association with Shri Yathokthakari. It was at the 
dictate of this Alwar that the Lord folded His serpent bed and left 
Kanchi following the Alwar and his disciple Kanikannan when the latter
was extradited by the local ruler. This plunged the country in darkness 
and the ruler begged the Alwar and party to return to Kanchi. The Alwar 
agreed and on his request the Lord also returned emphasizing the 
greatness of the Bhakta. He is known as SONNAVANNAM  SEITHA PERUMAL
Poigai Alwar, Peyalwar,Thirumzhisai Alwar, Nammalwar and Thirumangai
Alwar have sung in praise of the Lord here. KOMALAVALLI thayar is the 
consort. Shrimad Vedantha Desikar has composed his VEHHA SETHU STOTRAM
in praise of the Lord here. Manavala  Mahmunigal gave discourses on 
Shri Bhashyam in this temple for a year. Here alone this saint is 
found in his preaching posture
A service sabha -Sri Yathothakthakari Swamy Kainkarya Sabha- has been
instituted in 1991. This sabha, with public support, has installed a 
new flag staff with copper cladding in place of the earlier one 
damaged in a cyclone. Again in 1994 this sabha  managed with public
support to renovate and perform prokshanam of the Thayar Sannaddhi
and Vimanam. Now the sabha is undertaking the renovation of the Vimanam 
over the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord. The religious preliminaries 
have been completed during August-September of 1996.

This appeal is to the devotees and philanthropists for their liberal 
contribution to successfully complete the sacred task. Donations in 
the form of  cheque/Money order drawn in favour  of 
" Sri  Yathothakthakari Swamy Kainkarya Sabha" may please be sent
 to: Mr.V.M.Varadarajan ,Secretary,S Y S K sabha, 9,
T.P.Koil street ,Triplicane ,Chennai  600 005, India. or a 
cheque (in favour of Sri  Yathothakthakari Swamy Kainkarya Sabha) or 
cash can be sent to me at the following address: Bhashyam Nallappa,
5408 Tripolis Court, Burke, Va - 22015. If someone wants further
clarification or information you can reach me at 703 425 - 2405. 

I also promise to give all the people who send me the
contribution a receipt issued by the Sri  Yathothakthakari 
Swamy Kainkarya Sabha.
My last personal appeal is to all the bhaktas, irrespective 
of whether they contribute or not, to visit this holy shrine on
their trip to Kanchipuram.  
And before I finish, I would like to thank Mani and all the people
on this group who have enlightened me on various topics.

					Bhashyam Nallappa