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Re: Swayamacharya Purushas

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Fri Oct 25 1996 - 10:18:59 PDT

Sri Tatachar, I guess "AMATA" also means "barber"! a strange coincidence
that a sanskrit term + = (na mata = amata (sanskrit) = dont belong to any
matam = barbers!! in tamil )

I thought you hinted at this joke

At 10:42 PM 10/24/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I think the previous postings on this topic seem accurate as per what I was
>told. We are also Swayam acharyas. Our dad did Samashrayanam for us after
> Srimad Thirukudandai Andavan politely refused to do, stating that we are
>Swayamacharyas. Nevertheless we are connected to Andavan Ashramam. I had my
> Prapatti done with Sri Thirukudandai Andavan (Kannan Swamy).
>One of my father's mother side relative use to tease us as AMATAS, saying
>that we don't belong to any Matam!
>Tatachar (K. Sreekrishna)
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