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Re: Swayamaacharis

From: Sudarsan_Parthasarithy_Sampath (
Date: Thu Oct 24 1996 - 00:43:38 PDT

Dear Bhakthas,
               It was interesting to read Sri.Nagu's article on Swayamacharyas.  The tradition exists in numerous Vadagalai Iyengars(it is quite common in Thengalai Iyengars as well) in every region of Tamizh Nad as well.  For example our Acharya hails from Kumbakonam('Agnihotram Ramanuja Thathachariar') and he has quite a lot of followers in the Vadakalai tradition especially among 'Bharadwaja Gothra' lineage.  Same with 'Sri Muthali Andavan' of Kondapalayam(near Sholinghur) who commands quite a lot of followers in Thenkalai tradition.  Also there is a difference within 'Ahobila Matam' and 'Andavan Ashram' in terms of 'Matam parampariyam' and 'Munithriya Parampariyam'.  But whatever they follow it is quite true to say that all 'Vadakalai Sampridayam' accept 'Bharanyaasam' as a phase of their life.  

May be some knowledgeable person of this group can tell us some more details about the fine qualities/differences between the different 'Parampariyams' of Sri Vaishnavas for us to know and accept an approach, since I know that  that several people switch between these 'parampariyams'.