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Bhagavan Hayagriva
Date: Tue Oct 22 1996 - 06:29:28 PDT

Dear Members of the Prapatti Group,

Mani noted in his timely posting that Vijaya Dashami day is 
meant for offering prayers to Bhagavan Lakshmi Hayagriva,
who is the presiding deity of knowledge. Pranava and Udgita are 
symbolized by Bhagavan Hayagriva. Lakshmi Hayagriva Bhagavan is 
the Archa Murthy of both Srimad Paundarikapuram Ashramam as well 
as Sri Parakala Matham. Bhagavan Hayagriva has been extolled in 
glowing terms by Swami Desikan in the Hayagriva Stotram. Vidushi 
Vedavalli's rendition of this stotram set to music is beautiful. 

The avataram of Hayagriva Bhagavan took place to restore the Vedas
to Brahma. Brahma became extremely conceited about his power as the 
creator. Lord Narayana discerning this, decided to rid Brahma of his 
pride. A couple of water droplets from the lotus seat of the Lord 
incarnated as two Asuras, Madhu and Kaitabha, who stole the Vedas from Brahma. 
Unable to carry on his work of creation without the Vedas, Brahma 
beseeched Lord Narayana for help. Lord Narayana incarnated as 
Hayagriva and destroyed the Asuras and restored the Vedas to Brahma. 

Swami Desikan has very eloquently described the greatness of Bhagavan 
Hayagriva in the Hayagriva Stotram. Many references from the Hayagriva 
Upanishad are succinctly contained in Swami Desikan's tribute. Swami Desikan 
first meditated on Garuda Bhagavan through the Garuda Mantram. Pleased 
with his devotion, Garuda appeared before Swami Desikan and initiated him 
into the sacred Mantram for Bhagavan Hayagriva and commanded Swami Desikan 
to proceed to the Oushadadri hill (Tiruvaheendram) to worship Bhagavan 
Hayagriva. The important aspects of Swami Desikan's salutation to 
Bhagavan Hayagriva in the Hayagriva Stotram are the references to 
Bhagavan's Mantra Maya Shariram, personification of the Vedas, Pranava 
Swaroopam, Shuddha Satvam, and the Udgita aspect. 

In his opening salutation of the Hayagriva Mantram, Swami Desikan
describes Bhagavan Hayagriva as the presiding deity of all knowledge

JnanAnanda Mayam Devam Nirmala Spatikakrutim AdAram Sarva VidyAnAm 
Hayagrivam Upasmahe.
Mani referred to this Shlokam in his post.  

Next, Swami Desikan refers to the neighing sounds of Bhagavan Hayagriva
known as the "Hala Hala". The Hala Hala sound emanating from the throat of 
Bhagavan Hayagriva is the essence of the Rks of the Rg, Yajur and Sama 
Vedas. Swami Desikan then dwells on the Mantra Maya Shariram of Bhagavan 
Hayagriva. In the 14th verse of the Hayagriva Stotram, Swami Desikan 
refers to the Pranava Swaroppam form of Bhagavan. Of particular importance is 
the line 

Akshara MatrukAm TvAm Vishuddha Satva Tatvena Jananti. 

(The pure minded ones recognize your Shuddha satvam form). This refers to 
the Pranava Swaroopam form of Bhagavan Hayagriva. Contemplating on the 
Pranava Swaroopam of Bhagavan Hayagriva through this Shlokam even for a 
fraction of a second is sufficient to bless the seeker with great scholarship 
and unmitigated eloquence of speech. In the 32nd Shlokam, Swami Desikan 
in sheer ecstasy asks to be blessed with Lalamrutam and Bhagavan Hayagriva
in his infinite mercy, appeared before Swami Desikan and drenched him with 
Lalamrutam (the nectar of Bhagavan's saliva which contains the essence of 
Rg, Yajus, Sama Vedas and Sakala Vidyas). Bhagavan Hayagriva blessed 
Swami Desikan with the assurance that He (Bhagavan) would remain at the 
seat of Swami Desikan's tongue while Swami is engaged in his work of 
propagating Ubhaya Vedanta Siddhantam. Therefore, Swami Desikan's 
scholarship, eloquence of speech, keen intellect, razor sharp memory and 
mastery over all skills were unmatched. 
In the final Shlokam of the Hayagriva Stotram, Swami Desikan has blessed us 
with the Dhyana Shlokam on Bhagavan Hayagriva

VyakhyA MuDRaM Kharasarasijai: Pustakam Shanksh Chakrai:
Bibrabinna Spatikarucharai: Pundarike NishaNNa
Amlanashree: Amruta Vishadai: Amshubi: PlAvayanmAm
AvirbhuyAth Anaga Mahima MAnase VAgadisha:

This is the form in which Bhagavan Hayagriva appeared before Swami Desikan
and gave Swami Desikan a Hayagriva Vigraham for Swami's worship. Sri Sadagopan 
and Sri Rengarajan, who are great Aradhakars of Bhagavan Hayagriva are more 
knowledgable (than me) about all the above aspects of Bhagavan Hayagriva, 
may wish to contribute further insights from their experiences. 

Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Swami Parabrahmane Namaha,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy