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Error in Translation, N.Suktam verse.

From: V Sundar (
Date: Thu Oct 17 1996 - 23:18:40 PDT

Dear Bhakti List members,

I came across an error in my translation of the last Narayana Suktam verse
involving "padmakosha prateekaasham". I'd like to apologize for the error
and try correct it here.

I had written :

" The Chaandogya Upanishad has an excellent explanation of the heart as
"padmakosha prateekasha". "atha: yad idam asmin brahmapure daharam
puNdareekam veshma daharo-asmin antara aakaaSHas-tasmin yadaa antas-tad
anveshtavyam tadvaava vijignyaasa itavyam -iti". This may be broken down as
"In this brahma-pura, City of God, our body, there is a tiny palace in the
shape of a lotus (puNdareeka). Within that is the Inner Temple. What lies
within that temple, we should seek it tad anveshtavyam). We should seek to
know it (tadvaava vijignyaasa itavyam)".  "

A more exact translation of the Chaandogya Upanishad quote would be :

" Now there is within this city of Brahman (the body), a small lotus-like
palace (the heart), and in it is a small Aakaasha. What exists within this
small Aakaasha is to be sought, That is to be understood".

I came across my mistake while leafing through Sri Udayavar's Sri Bhashyam
on the Brahma Sutrams. The Sutrakaara devotes significant time ( ten
sutras, beginning iwth sutra 13. dahara suttarebhya: upto sutra 22) to
showing that this small Aakaasha is Brahman. Sri Udayavar also comments on
this at length,as only he can, with referwnce to both smrti (esplly. in
sutra 16, prasiddeshca, and sutra 22, api smaryate) and shruti (sutra 20.,
alpashruteriti cet, taduktam).

I had treated this verse as just an introduction to the dahara vidhya
vistaaraNam in the later parts of the Narayana Suktam, but this seems to
hold the essence of it. I hope this can correct that impression. I would
also request that members with a better knowledge of Sri Bhashyam than I
please comment on this.

With my respects,