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definition of Prapatti

Date: Tue Oct 15 1996 - 18:47:57 PDT

---------------begin Jaganath's quote
What is quoted above is only the requirements for Prapatti for
Moksha.  It is understandable why Pillai Lokacharya and
Manavalamaamunigal would not even talk about Prapatti for other
goals.  That does not prove that Prapatti cannot be done for other
goals.  What Swami Desikan wrote on the subject merely reflect what
is stated in the sastras.  Even the Prapatti performed by
Yamunacharya was for furtherance of the cause of Srivaishnavism,
which is a little different from ensuring moksha for oneself, but
still well within the limits of one's service to Sriman Narayana.
----------------end quote

I think we should note the reason why Pillai Lokacharya and 
Manavalamamunigal did not address Prapatti for other goals.  It lies 
within the Srirangam School's view of the nature of Prapatti itself, 
a subject for which I am very much the novice. However, I would like 
to provide my crude discussion of this subject below, and would 
request that others more qualified  will add to this.  Please note 
that this is not meant to challenge the views of Sri Vedanta Desika, 
but only to clarify the Thengalai view of Prapatti.

The Thengalai traditions do not regard Prapatti as an act or sadhana 
that propitiates certain fruits.  Instead, Prapatti is viewed as what 
Mumme calls "a simple one time affirmation" that the Lord is the 
Upaya and the Upeya, which becomes insignificant, almost meaningless, 
when compared to the Wondrous and Spontaneous Compassion of the Lord. 
 It is, as another noted scholar on the subject, Nancy Ann Nayar 
calls, the "relinquishing of the idea that one is without a protector.
"  After this, the Prapanna recognizes that he/she is reliant 
completely on the Lord's Grace for the fulfilment of all spiritual 
and material gains, including, of course, the Lord Himself, who is 
the Ulimate Goal.

The Thengalai Acharyas believe that as Prapatti is an affirmation of 
complete faith to the Lord, it would be sinful to perform it more 
than once, as this would indicate mistrust of the Lord's promise in 
the Geetha and the Ramayana -- that anyone who comes to Him just once 
saying that he is the Lord's, will be assured all protection from 
then on.  If Prapatti were recognized to achieve any other fruits, we 
would all be performing it repeatedly, to achieve the various 
material and spiritual benefits that we desire.

Daasanu Daasan,