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Prapatti for other goals
Date: Mon Oct 14 1996 - 05:30:56 PDT

---------------------------begin Dileepan's quote
  Is there any evidence for this (i.e. prapatti for
  other fruits is not prapatti at all) in the sampradaya
  or verses such as sthOthrarathana?
-----------------------------end quote

from Mumuksupatti's discussion on Dvayam:

-----------------------------begin Mumme's translation

Sutram 160 --

Pillai Lokacharya:  The last portion of Dvayam states the Goal.

Manavalamamunigal:  The Goal is to serve at the feet of the Lord of
all, the owner of all, and the husband of Sri.

Sutram 161 --

Pillai Lokacharya:  It says it is not for any other Goal.

Manalavamamunigal:  Since the sadhana explained in the foregoing
, the recognition of Lord as the Upaya in the first statement of
Dvayam) can be common to any of the four goals (Dharma, Artha, Kama,
and Moksha), this states that the choosing of the means is not for
any other aim.

Sutram 162 --

Pillai Lokacharya:  One relinquishes other Upayas and resorts only to
the Caramopaya.  In the same way, one relinquishes kaivalya, wealth,
and all the other Upeyas and requests the Ultimate Goal, the Lord.

----------------------end translation

Daasanu Daasan,


What is quoted above is only the requirements for Prapatti for
Moksha.  It is understandable why Pillai Lokacharya and
Manavalamaamunigal would not even talk about Prapatti for other
goals.  That does not prove that Prapatti cannot be done for other
goals.  What Swami Desikan wrote on the subject merely reflect what
is stated in the sastras.  Even the Prapatti performed by
Yamunacharya was for furtherance of the cause of Srivaishnavism,
which is a little different from ensuring moksha for oneself, but
still well within the limits of one's service to Sriman Narayana.