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ThiruvenkatamudAyAn Vaibhavam & Acharya Kaimkaryam

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Oct 13 1996 - 18:59:44 PDT

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Dear Members of Prapatthi Group :

On this auspicous day , I would like to join with you to 
celebrate Sri Alamelu Mangaa  Sametha Sri Venktachalapathi 
and invite your attention to a major Kaimkaryam that needs 
your support . 

May the Divya Dampathi's blessings and Acharya Kataaksham 
come your way in an abuduntant manner. 

Ten AlwArs have performed MangalAsAsanam to ThiruvenkatamudayAn
through 205 moving verses. The only exceptions are Tondaradipodi 
and Mathura Kavi .Acharya Natha Muni set those Pasurams to music
and taalam .

Before I write about those verses, let me share with 
you the  Bhagavadh GuNa Anubhavam of many a Nadhopasaka .  
They were immersed in the ocean of bliss of the Dayaa of the Lord 
of the seven hills and poured out their devotion in many delightful 
and soul-stirring  Krithis . The chief among them is  the Kirtanaacharya 
TaLapAkkam  Annamaacharya (AD 1408-1503) ,who was initiated 
into Sri VaishNavaism in his teens by the First Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt ,
Sri Adi VaN Satakopa Yathi , the founder of the Ahobila Mutt .
 At that time , Annamaacharya took a vow to compose and offer 
as Nada Naivedyam  one krithi per day to Lord Srinivasa .
Annamaacharya lived for 95 tears on  this earth and during 
that long life  , he blessed  us with an abundance of Moving krithis 
celebrating the Vaibhavam of the Lord of the seven hills and His consort.
Recent article in Sri Vaishnava Journal referred to by 
Sri mani Varadarajan has an excellent describtion of this Nadopaasaka.

Sri  Lakshmi Narasimha Of Ahobilam hills was the one who 
personally initiated the First Jeeyar of the Ahobila mutt 
some six hundred years ago into sanyaasam and gave him 
his preksha mantram and  Ochre robes  and instructed him to 
advance Sri Bahgavadh Ramaanuja Siddhaantham across 
the length and breadth of India . Today , We have the 45th Jeeyar 
of that line of illustrious Sanyaasis following the command of 
Bhagavan Narasimha . He is the Parma Hamsa Parivraajaka 
NarayaNa Maha Desikan. He will be 71 years in November21  , 1996.

Now coming back to the greatness of Lord Narasimha Of 
Ahobilam and His links to Lord Srinivasa of Seven hills ,
sthala puraaNam states that the bridegroom Srinivasa 
performed a Tadhiyaaraadhanam at Ahobilam and obtained
the blessings of Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan prior to his
marriage with his bride Sri  Padmaavathi . The Lakshmi Narasimha 
Sambhandham of the Lord of seven hills  that blessed the Lord of 
Seven hills and the Lakshmi Narasimha Sambhandham of 
Adi VaN Satakopa Maha Desikan was instrumental in the birth of 
Annamacharya's powerful adhyaatma krithis on The Lord of 
Thirumalai . 

In many of his songs , Annamaacharya visualized 
Sriman Narayana presding over Thiruvenkatam hills 
in the cosmic form described by the Purusha Sooktham in the four vedas . 
In one of these  songs , he visualizes the Narasimha Form of Venkatesa 
as the cosmic figure with stars as" his waist band , 
sun and moon his eyes , sunrays his weapon,
Vedas as His shaggy mane , the mountains as his feet, 
the earth His thighs , the time cycle His mouth, 
the planets His teeth, sky His waist , 
seas His Grace-nectar (daya Amtutham ) , Venkataadhri
( the hills of Thirumalai ) his cave and thunder His roars ."
Such is the power of Sri Venkata Narasimhan .

The grace of this Dayaa Sindhu inspired Sri Purandara Dasa
( AD 1484-1524) , who closely followed the spiritual pilgrimage 
of Annamaacharya . He was a great devotee of Timmappan (Venkatesa's
name in Karnaataka ) . At the drop of  a coin , Purandara dasa
would climb the sacred hills to have the Lord's darsanam . I will
write more about his songs on Lord Venkatesa and his special
realtionship with the Lord of seven hills.  

Other great Nadhopaasakas like Saint Thyagarajaa , Mutthuswami
Dikshithar, Swathi ThirunaaL, and their illustrious sishyaas composed
and dedicated beautiful krithis to Lord Balaaji of seven hills . 

These songs and the Bhakthi generated from these Harinama Sakeerthanam,
the JanaakarshaNa Yantram established by another great Acharya (Adhi Sankara) 
and Sri Ramaanuja's establishment of Paancha Raatra Aaraadhanam there 
and the sacred worship of the Lord by generations of aaraadakaas have 
resulted in Bhagavan blessing all of us Kali Yuga Varadhan . That Sankata
HaraNa Venkata RamaNan gives his blessed Darsanam to 20,000 people 
per day and on special days  50,000  people flock to have his Darsanam .
One of the problems at Thirumalai  is to get accomodation 
for those , who wish to stay overnight or for extended periods.
Although there are many types of lodging facilities, 
still there are not enough accomodations to meet the demand .

The current Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt  has undertaken to address this problem in
own way as a part of celebrating his  important anniversary 
in service of Sri lakshmi Narasimhan . He wants to extend the 
accomodation for Sevaarthis at Thirumalai. He is slightly short of meeting his
goals there . It will be a great blessing for us to take part in this kaimkaryam
and receive Lord Venkata Narasimhan"s Aservaadham and blessings. 

We have to remember that Lakshmi Narasimha SaaLigraamam
is the Upaasana Murthy for Vaishnavaas , Advaitins and Dvaitins 
prior to offering worship for their Ishta daivathams . Hence I appeal to
one and all of you to contribute  to this timely kaimkaryam 
and receive Lord Lakshmi  Narasimhan 's and Venkatachalapathy's
anugrahams . Please mail your tax deductible checks to Sri B. Jagannathan.
of Arlington, Va . I am pledgining $ 100 as my share for this Kaimkaryam today .

I will continue with  the Vaibhavam of the Lord of Seven hills in 
the subsequent postings.

Sri Padmavathi Sametha Srinivasa Parabrahmaneh Nama:
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Para Brahmaneh Nama:

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan