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Re: Prapatti for other fruits

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Fri Oct 11 1996 - 08:55:42 PDT (MR MOHAN R SAGAR)> wrote:
>--------------------------begin Jaganath's quote
>Prapatti as is understood today is done only for moksha.  But
>Prapatti can be done for securing other fruits as well, as in the
>case of Draupadi, who did so for the safety of her husbands.
>--------------------------end quote
>Prapatti involves the recognition that the Lord is both Upaya and
>Upeya, and consequently, could involve no other desire than the
>desire for Him.  It follows, then, that Prapatti done with the
>motivation to secure other fruits could not be considered Prapatti at

  Is there any evidence for this (i.e. prapatti for
  other fruits is not prapatti at all) in the sampradaya
  or verses such as sthOthrarathana?

  Kaakaasuran surrendered to the Lord with only one thing in mind,
  escaping the wrath of the asthram the Lord had sent after him. 
  Even though this prapatti was done without any recognition or 
  understanding that the Lord is the Upeya, Kaakaasuran was not
  only saved from the asthram, but he got mOksham as well.

-- Dileepan