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A new member

From: kannan (
Date: Tue Oct 08 1996 - 12:19:06 PDT

  I am Geetha Kannan. I am from Arni, NADT.I studied in Arni, Kanchi &
college at Stella & SIET. My father is D.R. Rajagopalan, Rtd EE ,TNEB. My
mom's father is Mukkur(Late) Sri Ramachariar who lived in Cheyyar & was a
renowned advocate.
At purvasram both the 42nd & 44th jeers of Ahobila mutt were his close
  My husband Mr. Kannan is a software engr. & we moved to LA last Sep. after
living in Dubai for 7 yrs. I have 2 daughters (10) & (5)yrs old. I worked
for Canara Bank for 10yrs before coming to the gulf. I am not working now. I
would like to know more about Vaishnavism & hence I subsribed to this forum.
I try to follow our religion as much as possible in daily life. Recently I
attended the NAMA functin also. I know very little about Vedas & Azhvars &
mostly I will be hearing from all of you. Thank you for giving me an
oppurtunity to share/hear valuable information about Vaishnavism , Perumal &
Azhvars .