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Re: Message from Internet

From: Vasudha Narayanan (
Date: Mon Oct 07 1996 - 12:17:12 PDT

Esteemed members of the bhakti group:
In reply to my queries this July,  Sri Sadagopan sent me the following
letter.  He has kindly given my permission to share the information on
Patinettam Perukku with you.  Some members had requested to see it.  (The
August 20 date is the day I transferred it from one system to another, so
that date is irrelevant).  I hope it brings back delightful memories to many
of you who have enjoyed this festival.  Best wishes, Vasudha

>Date: Tue, 20 Aug 1996 12:25:26 -0400 (EDT)
>From: "V. Sadagopan" <75041.3037@CompuServe.COM> 
>Subject: Re: Message from Internet
>Dear Professor Narayanan: It is nice to hear  from you.
>Thanks for your note. 
>Sri Mani is now  back from India . He is planning to 
>reactivate the Bhakthi list. Incidentally, if you had stored 
>mypostings on Malayala Desams written in a big hurry in 
>June , can you kindly send copies to Sri Govindarajan,
>who is ready to prepare the HTMLs for them. Any additional
>information that you may have would also be valubable to add
>to these write ups on these Divya Desams. I will ask him to
>forward two other postings of mine on Thiruchirupuliyur and 
>NaimicchaaraNyam to you . He has electronic copies.
>Recently , Sri Rengarajan wrote the sthala Puraanam fo 
>Thiruccherai and covered the Tapas of Kaveri to have the
>Lord on her lap as a child. I have asked him to forward that posting to you.
>Kaveri is  Prathyaksham to Dharma Devathai and Uparichararavasu
>at Therazhundur .At Thiruccherai and Oppiliappan Koil
>The Archa Murthy is Pratyaksham to Kaveri .
>I will look up any references on Kaveri being 
>given such a prominent place at the Garbhagraham at Therazhundur 
>, just as Thirumangai at Aadhanur and Markandeyar at Oppiliappan Koil,
>Garudan and Periyazhwar at Srivilliputthur.
>As  you may know , Kaveri is part of the Sthala Puranam and hence is
>the official river or its branches at  at number of Chola desa divya
>desams : Kumbakonam, Srirangam, and  Thirukkoodalur .   
>Klanda Saadam festival on Kaveri banks is a such a rich
>tradition reminiscent of Chitranna Bhojanam at the banks of 
>Yamuna by Gpopas and Gopis in the company of Krishna. 
>During our childhood, the eldest Sumangali of the family
>always led this festival and threw handful of these colored rices
>to satisfy the Masakkai of the swiftly flowing Kaveri with froth 
>and foam as she hastened to her Lord"s house. 
>Regards, Sadagopan