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Navarathri Kolu

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Oct 07 1996 - 07:21:39 PDT

From: Vasudha Narayanan <>
"Esteemed members of this group:
 I have been wondering about the origins of the "Kolu" during navaratri.
This seems unique to people from Tamilnadu, parts of Andhra and Karnataka,

This question will have more response in SCT, if you are prepared to churn
through the ocean of compost and extract the nectar.

Is it uncommon in kerala?

Among Delhi Madrasis, I had noticed that many Sri Vaishnava houses
did not display kolu. They just observed Sarasvathi poojai,
the day you do not read a thing, and Gokulasktami. I had 
thought that kolu was a Smartha tradition, (and a Brahmin tradition).
I may be wrong.

Perhaps Sri Sadagopan can repost his private conversation with
Vasudha Narayanan about 'padhinettaam perukku', in SCT.
I guess it signifies the month of Adi, date 18, when kaavEri used to
peak in its flow.

K. Srinivasan