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Re: Thirumantram
Date: Mon Oct 07 1996 - 05:40:35 PDT

Krishna Kalale was correct in warning people to be restrained about
the use of Thirumantram.

Some of the reasons are:

The person giving out the mantram should be qualified to do so.

The person receiving the mantram should have the lakshanas of a
disciple and the person giving out the mantram should be aware of
such qualifications.

Proper "madi" has to be observed while uttering (or writing) this

Swami Desikan has also given an easy way out.  The mantram with all
effects can be chanted as "namo nArAyaNa" by those without upadesam,
those without yajnopavitam, and those who are not in proper "madi" or
correct state of "AchAram".

Namo Narayana.