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upaayam - ezhuththu vaaNGgumaap pOlE

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Sun Oct 06 1996 - 11:38:51 PDT

Sri Varadhan Wrote:
---------------------------start quote---------------------------------------
sutram 54:
'idhu thannaip paarththaal pithaavukkup putran ezhuththu vaangumaapolE

  idhuthannaip paarththaal - If we consider the prapatti that is done by the
			      chetana to the Lord as the upaayam

 ezhuthtu vaangumaapolE   - is like the son getting in writing from his
 			father that he (the father) will protect him (the

Just as protection of his son is in the father's nature,  protection of the
chetanas is in the Lord's nature.  So, thinking that the protection that 
the Lord grants us is because of the prapatti that we do to Him is like 
 undermining the relationship between the Lord & the chetana.

 -------------------------end quote---------------------------------------

There is some history behind this concept "ezhuththu vaaNGgumaap pOlE"
I was listening to Sri vELukkudi KrishNan's thiruppaavai kaalakshEbam where
he refers to this suthram and i thought i would share this with others.

A father protecting his son is natural. A child who doesn't have anybody to
protect( say his father is no more..) will be protected by somebody else.
This is kinda like adopting. Then the child has to write his adopted
father's name on his chest! This is like a deal/agreement which is a
permanent one on his body. This is a common practice then. 

But if a child who has the father alive and is taking good care of his son by
his abundant grace, approaches his father to get his 'own' father's name
written on his chest(!!??), this is ridiculous. This implies that the child,
either doesn't consider/believe that his father is capable of protecting him
OR thinks that getting into such an agreement is the 'means' of achieving the
necessary protection. The first one is an act of belittling the powers of
the GOD. The second one is because of improper understanding of this
concept and bondage between the father and the son. Both of them are Wrong.

Badri, if you find any other reference to this "ezhuththu vaaNGgumaap pOlE"
somewhere else please write. 

Mohan, Varadhan: Thanks for the clarification and further references which
states that
" Prapatti, is really NOT the Upaya at all.  Prapatti is merely 
the humble acceptance of what is the True Upaya, the Lord Himself."

(Vijay Triplicane)