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THree Gadhyams of Sri Ramanuja

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Oct 05 1996 - 19:20:23 PDT

Dear Members of the Bhakthi group :

Few days ago , I shared my joyous experience of 
reciting the three gadhyams of Our Acharya with 
Sri Rangaswamy and Sri Kannabiran of our group  at the 
Mahalakshmi temple of Ashland , Massachusetts 
on the Purattasi SravaNam day . 

On that birth day of Swami Desikan and ThiruvekatamudAyAn ,
we recited all the three gadhyams at one stretch. 

There are however certain traditional aspects to reciting 
these three Gadhyams during each day as a part of Vishnava Dinasari
(Daily observances ) . Swami Desikan has indicated in Paancharaatra
Raksha that Sriranga Gadhyam should be recited at the time of 
Abhigamanam ( soon after waking up in Brahma Muhurtam ) . 

SaraNagathi Gadhyam is to be recited during the Ijya AarAdhanam
time .Sri Vaikunta Gadhyam is to be recited just before going to bed
as the last act of the daily prescribed rites for Sri Vaishnavaas .

Some Mahaans perform Bhagavadhaaradhanam during Abhigamanam period .
For Sanyaasis , Abhigaman Aaradhanam is very important and for the 
Grahasthaa , the Ijya Araadhanam of the mid day after Madhyaanika Sandhya 
is very important . 

Thus , the three Gadhyams have a speific time and place in 
the daily activities of Sri Vaishnavaas . On special occasions
like the Pavithrotsavam at  the temple ,it is appropriate to recite 
the three Gadhyams in the order of Sriranga Gadhyam  , 
Saranaagathi Gadhyam and Sri Vaikunta Gadhyam .

Sri Ramanuja Desikaaryaaya Nama :  

V. Sadagopan