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Madhyanika Sandhya Vandanam

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Oct 05 1996 - 07:06:35 PDT

Dear Members ofthe Bhakthi group :

Further to Sri Krishna Kalale's posting , I would 
like to add these following points :

1. The Devatha associated with Sandhya is 
meditated upon as Paramaathma of blissful form
(Aanandha Maya ) according to Vangipuram Nambi 
in the tradition established by Yagnyavalkya and Parasara.
He is the Sarvaantharyaami and links every  human activity 
(Santhaanam ) and energizes them ; therefore he is called 
Sandhyaa Devathaa . Mumkshu TarpaNam points out again that 
Sandhyaa is one and the same as Paramaathmaa . He is the 
Santhaa and Adhaaram for all and hence also He is known as
Sandhyaa .

2. Pratha : Sandhyaa invokes the Paramaaathmaa in the middle of 
the orbit of the Sun as Gayathri reciting Rg veda manthram.Madhyaanika
Sandhya is visualized as Saavithri reciting Yajur Vedam ; The Saayam
Sandhyaa is invoked as Saraswathi on Garuda Vahanam and Sudarsana
weapon in hand ..

Hence the three Vedas are associated with the three Sandhya Vandanams
offered to Paramathmaa svaroopi , Sriman Narayana . Thus each of them are 

There is a vast amount of literature on Sandhyaa Vandanam  in Dharma Saastraas
and Othe r relatedliterature . All the Sandhyaa Vandanam prayers include
Veda  Mantraas .

3.The Maddhyaanika prayer includes the prayerful appeal 
to the Lord to bless one with the  Veda Praayam 
of One hundred years to sing his glory and offer services to Him 
( Pasyema Sarada: Satham ----jyok cha Suryam Dhruseh ) .