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Ahalya's Liberation

From: R. Skrintha (
Date: Thu Oct 03 1996 - 05:42:34 PDT

Dear Bhagawathas,

>Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam 
>describes that Ahalya was  cursed to be invisible 
>due to her misconduct . other sources refer to her 
>form as  astone due to the curse.   

Once Ramana Maharshi (whose family God was Sri Venkateshwara) said
that "turning into stone" meant that Ahalya was caused to lapse into a
an inert mental state; that Her original placidity, and Sattvik nature
were restored by the dust of Sri Rama's Feet. 

thank you,
               || OM NAMO NARAYANAYA ||