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From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Wed Oct 02 1996 - 01:55:46 PDT

YasyA bhavatbhakta janaarti hantuh
Pitrutvamanyeshu shvavichaarya tUrnam
SthambEvataar: tama-ananya labhyam
LakshmiNrsumham saranyam prapadyE.

Sri Lakshminrsumhaaya namah.

Salutations to all member-bhagavata-uttamOttas !

By the Grace of the Lord Ahobilam and the kindness of Sri.Mani, the owner of
this Bhakthi group, I am privileged to have been admitted into it
today.According to our acharyas one of the many easy ways to attain His
"tiruvadi" is to get acquainted and ever remain amongst bhagavatas and
experience alongwith them His bhagavat-gunas. I consider myself fortunate to
now be able to realise that "bhakti-marga" in good measure through being
able to stay in touch with all you bhaktas through the medium of the Internet.

I hail from Madras and presently work in Bahrain. My profession is that of a
Chartered Accountant.

I am proud to say I'm a native of the foremost of our Holy divyadesams,
Tirupati, from where my paternal lineage traces itself back to the times of
Sri Tirumala Nambi, the uncle of our great Bhashyakarar. My mother hails
from the great Vaishnava town of Kanchi the abode of our Lord of Atthigiri.
She is also well-known in the Carnatic Music world as Sangita Kalanidhi
Mrs.Mani Krishnaswami. Srivaishnava bhagavatas know her well for her musical
rendition of Swami Desikan's "Daya Satakam", "Goda Stuti" and
"AchutaSatakam" on audio cassettes.

Sriman Ramaswamy had posted around the end of August on the occasion of
Swami Desikan "sattumurai" a very interesting account of the Acharya's works
on Lord Srinivasa whose tirunakshatram of tiruvOnam happens to be that of
Swami Desikan too.He also referred to the exquisiteness of certain shlokas
in the Daya Satakam.

In this context I wish to quiz bhagavatas on a singular aspect of the Daya

Swami Desikan employs the word Daya or its synonyms Krupa or Karuna in all
but ONE shloka in the entire Daya Satakam. Which is that shloka?

Bhagavatas must not misunderstood me and hold me guilty of the "apacharam"
of wanting to test their knowledge. I am simply quizzing them in a playful
manner much in the fashion of today's quiz shows on TV.

I also request bhagavatas to share any other insights they may have into the
Daya Satakam for the benefit of "divyaanubhavam" of all.

Sri Vedanta Desika GuravE Namaha,
Srimate Srivan Narayana Yateendra Mahadesikaya Namaha
Most Humbly,