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The dharma thread..

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Tue Oct 01 1996 - 23:11:06 PDT

This thread is indeed interesting. I have a question.  Sri ramanuja was
sent back 18 times by thirukkOshtiyoor nambi before teaching him the
charamaslOkaartham (?). This is supposedly because the teacher was testing
the student's sincerity, and many other virtues, before teaching him the
ultimate truth. But Sri Ramanuja just climbed atop the temple and told this
to everyone. How does this fit into our discussions. 

The actual fact anyway is that raamaanusar told his teacher that if by
telling this to everyone he gets cursed, then it is ok if all those others
who listened to this attain mOksham. Though this is against the dharma the
teacher felt so good about his student and called him "emperumaanaarE". This
is when sri raamaanusar got this name emperumaanaar. 

Also regarding the Thirumazhisai aazhwaar incident i too have heard that the
brahmans stopped on purpose on seeing the aazhwaar and missed the continuity
from thereon which our aazhwaar picked up correctly.