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From: Jana V. Rajan (
Date: Thu Oct 26 1995 - 09:16:05 PDT

I am Mrs. Jana Rajan (short name for Janaki Varadarajan).  I grew up in
Madras near Ayodiya Mandapam.  My father is an ancestor of Kunnapakkam
Anandampillai. My father grew up in Kanchipuram.  I married to Varadarajan
from Bagalore.  We have two boys 6years and two years old.

When I was little I was very much driven into getting good grades and doing
house work etc.  I knew few slogas and I visit temples often.  My favorate
temples were Parthasarathy temple in Triplicane, Lakshmi temple in Besant
Nagar.  I have very high faith in  Managadu Amman.    I never learned
Sanskrit.  But now I am planning to do so.  I am not very knowledgeable in
our samprathayam and I regret for it now.   I came to U.S. 13 years ago.  I
got my M.S. in tax from Bentley College in Boston.  I also have a CPA. My
husband Varadarajan is  related to C.R. Rajagopalachariar.   I mentioned to
Sangeeta and Jagan Bharadvaj  that I am very much interested in learning
about Vaishnavam.  So far I am enjoying the discussions that we all  had on
various topics. Also in my next visit to India   I am going to buy the books
that was mentioned in the discussion, by some of you and get upto speed in
reading about  Vaishnavam.   I am very excited that I am part of this group. 
I thank Jagan Bharatvaj for introducing me to this group. I also thank Mani
Varadarajan for including me in this group.  Om Narayanaya Namaha.

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