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Sriranga Gadyam Conclusion

From: Sriran Ramanujam +1 614 860 6672 (
Date: Fri Oct 27 1995 - 13:03:00 PDT

3)EvanavasthitasyApi arthitvamAtrENa paramakAruNikO
  bhagavAn svAnubhavaprItyOpaItaikAtyantika
  nityakainkaryaikaratirUpa nityadAsyam dAsyatIti vishvAsa
  pUrvakam bhagavantam nityakinkaratAm prArthayE

3)Though I am in this state, full of various defects, I 
beg of the Lord my acceptance in eternal service to 
him in the firm faith that the all merciful Lord,
heeding to my earnest request, will grant me the favor
of steadfastness in everlasting service to Him urged 
by devotion resulting from the experience of the Lord.

4) tavAnubhUtisambhUta prItikAritadAstAm|
   dEhi mE kripayA nAtha! najAnE gtimanyathA||

4) My Lord! you should be pleased, out of your
unbounded mercy, to grant the service to You
resulting from the joy of experiencing you.
najAnE gatim anyathA -Apart from begging you,
I do not know of any other means.

5) sarvAvasthOchitAsEshasEshataikaratistava|
   bhavEyam pundarIkAksa! tvamEvaivam kurUsva mAm||

5) O lotus eyed one! I should be eager to render all
fprms of service under all conditions. You should 
grant me this state of mind, so prays the Acharya.

6) EvambhUta tatvayAthAtmAvabOdha tadicchArahitasyApi
   uchyamAnArthaparamArthanishtam mE manastvamEvAdyaiva

6) In this the acharya gets so humble enough to say:
   "Even if I donot have the wish sincerely for the
   knowledge or that I am not fit for your grace
   to reach the goal, Please make the words I gave
   expression to as an excuse to fill in the defeciencies
   and render me fit"

7) apArakarUNAmbudhE! anAlOchitavisEsAsEsalOka saraNya!
   praNathArtihara! AsritavAtsalyaikamahOdadhE!
   anavarataviditanikhilabhUtajAtayAthAtmA! satyakAma!
   satyasankalpa! Apatsakha! kAkuthsa! sriman! nArAyaNa!
   purushottama! sriranganAtha! mamanAtha! namOstutE!||
   || iti srirangagadyam samAptam ||

7) apArakaruNAmbhudhE - Oh! Limitless ocean of mercy!!,
   immedialtely the acharya addresses him as the ultimate
   succor of all irrespective of al differences, one 
   who does'nt think of the differnces when his subjects
   are in distress, You who destroys the distress of those
   who seek you! Great ocean of love to his devotees, 
   You who know the truth about all your creations at all
   times! You with wishes always fulfilled ! You who can
   do all that You will! Friend in my distress! And now
   by comparing Him to kAkustha (rAma) the acharya means 
   to convey that He is like rAma the one who would grive
   at the grief of all men not only devotees of his Ever 
   associated with Sri! Greatest of persons! Lord of 
   Srirangam! My Lord! I prostrate before you. 

I hope I stayed within Mr.Dileepan and a few others screen
range, Sorry if I did not.