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From: K.P. Sridharan (
Date: Fri Oct 27 1995 - 14:40:04 PDT

	I would like to pose a question Varnasrama dharma. In BG 4.3 Krishana 
says "  Chaturvarnyam maya srishtam.."  Thus He says that the varna  system 
was created by him bases on guna and karma namely qulities and the 
occupation (?) The qualities of the various varnas are described in a 
latter chapter.  Krishna also says that it is better to observe one's 
svadharma even incompetently than trying to be perfect in another's varna dharma.
The term svadharma gives seems to me that one's varna is 
determines by birth.  This was the belief I had untill I came across 
the Guadiya Vaishnavite view that varna is not determined by one's birth 
and is determined by one's qualities.  If indeed varna is not determined 
by birth what was the system by which varnas were alloted?  was it by a 
Guru who based on his observation of students ?  If so what happens to 
the female members of the society who did not attend gurukula.

	Could some one in this group throw more light on this subject?