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Introduction from Muralidhar Rajagopalan

From: Muralidhar Rajagopalan (
Date: Thu Oct 26 1995 - 15:26:30 PDT

Hi Mani,

	I am Muralidhar Rajagopalan and I would like to be "inducted" into the 
prapatti news group. I heard about this news group from Krishna Kalale (also an 
active member of the group). He told me that the group members contribute a lot 
of informative articles that make reading a pleasure. And of course on the rare 
occasion a philosophical debate does ensue.  I would like to make a few remarks 
(albeit stereotypical) in this connection. I have nothing against debates, 
because after all, it was because of ages of honest, impersonal, and fearless 
debating undertaken by our rshis that we have with us today such a wealth of 
philosophical thought to ponder on. One thing however that might result from a 
debate of this nature on the internet group (speaking from past experience with 
other groups) is participants taking statements made by others personally and 
passionately. And this does not contribute much towards keeping the records of 
the group clean. The point that I would like to make is that we honour a set of 
read/write/quote protocols, that will make articles address everybody in the 
group, instead of A person.

	If what I have written has already been considered or agreed upon or 
even beside the point, then it may be safely ignored.

	Now an intro of myself. My native town in Bangalore, Karnataka. I come 
from an extremely devout, religious Vadagalai Iyengar family. I have tried my 
best to keep religion and philosophy a part of my life in India and also here
in the USA. I am sure that becoming part of this group, I will largely benefit 
by reading your views on some very interesting philosophical subjects, and share