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ADiyaen !

From: Varadarajan Govindarajan (
Date: Thu Oct 26 1995 - 13:47:16 PDT

Dear Friends,


	This mail is just to introduce myself and to say hello to all the 
members of this group.  

	A couple of days back, while browsing through the net I happened
to hit on the Sri-Vaishnava Home page, and got in touch with Mani.  He was
kind enough to let me know about this group (bakthi) of people with an
interest in discussing topics like Sri-Vaishnavism, Azwaars and our
Acharyas....  I thank him for letting me know about this group and for
including me in the list. 

	Well, let me introduce myself very briefly. Presently I am a 
Graduate Student at the Dept. of Civil Engg. of Queens University at 
Kingston, Ontario.  I got my Masters Degree from the Aerospace 
Engg. Dept. of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore,India.

	I am interested in exploring and understanding Sri-Vaishnavism, 
the compositions of our Azwaars and Acharyas, which i understand is one 
of the main interests that is common to all the people in this list.

	I hope to participate and to benefit from the various discussions 
in this group.



P.S. Mani, could you please forward me the collection of introductory 
messages,from the various people on this group, that you have so that I 
can get to know more about the various people on this group. Thanks.